Hello, Denver from Chihiro.

Hello, my name is Chihiro.

I’m a sophomore at the college in Japan and my major is English literature and language. From the next term, I will specialize in the pragmatics.

I am here as an exchange student for learning business English and about working in America. This is a short term stay, for only one month, but I hope to broaden my horizons and to get some tip for thinking about my future.

By the way, this is my first time to come to the mainland of the US.

I’m always surprised by a lot of differences between the countries. Today, I’m going to talk about comparing “the fashion in Japan” to “the fashion in Denver”. What do you imagine Japanese fashion to be like? I guess the first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear the word “Japanese fashion” is “Kimono” or “Kawaii fashion”. But actually, we hardly see this style on the street.



Now, I’ll tell you the characteristics of Japanese daily wear. In general, Japanese girls always take care of their appearance so much. Even when go shopping at the mall or go to school, they dress up and make up themselves.

Before we leave for the US, our teacher gave us the advice that "DO NOT TOO MUCH DRESS UP."

The first characteristic of Japanese girls fashion is that they tend to prefer feminine style. I see a lot of girls wearing skirt and heel in my college or on a train everyday. Surprisingly, I know few friends who don’t have any pants, at all.

We have a lot of feminine and cute stuffs like with lace or frill.


Every Japanese girls wants to be young and cute like a puppies forever!

The second characteristic is the use of color.

In Japanese clothing store, most clothes are smoky or creamy, like pale color.

I think it's because these colors could match our basic skin tone and also it make us to give the soft impression to another person.

Usually we use vivid color only as an accent.

These are Japanese fashion culture that I think.

Next, I'll tell you about the image of the fashion in Denver which I got.

The biggest impression is that Denver's fashion style is "Free" and "Casual".

I saw a lot of clothes in some store and found that the characteristics are fringe and various pretty patterns.

I feel the soft dress material and fringe are expressing the people's kindness and free, pretty patterns and colors are suggesting cheerfulness and gaiety.


And also, everyone could enjoy to coordinate with the kind of native accessories or leather boots. that's really cultural.

I again realized fashion show the culture and personality, then it could change the people who you are.

How explain myself is the one of my big issue.

I think the Denver style fashion give me the tip to be more free and more strong woman.