Happy Birthday, Heather!

1 Today is a very special day - our editor in chief is celebrating a birthday!

Our whole team is so thankful for Heather & all she does for our magazine so we decided to take over this week's Intern Diaries and wish her a very happy birthday.


"Heather, you believed this magazine should happen before anyone else did. Your tireless passion and hard work means the world to me and our team. You are a big dreamer, a goal digger, an endless ball of energy and a core to our team. Every time you say 'I have an idea!' I feel a mixture of excitement and dread because whatever comes out has never been done before. I hope today is as fabulous as you are! Happy birthday!" -Kelsey, Director of Operations.

"Heather - she's the most caring, inspiration, stylish and hilarious human in Denver." - Sam, Editorial Intern

"When I first met Heather, I had no idea as to how amazing and outgoing she was. Now that I've been working with her for a few months, I couldn't imagine having a more kind and caring boss. From our delicious (and hilarious) lunch meetings to sharing a love for rap music that no one will understand, I love this girl. Happy birthday to my Sophia Amoruso, my girl boss, Heather!" -Brandy, Events Intern


"I love how Heather likes to go to the Dollar Store and get decorations for our potlucks. Its a fun part of her personality and show that she cares, even if she doesn't always get the right colors." -Ariana, Social Media Intern

"Happy birthday Heather! You are such an amazing person to be around. Your positive energy feeds our magazine and our staff. Thanks for being a great role model to all of us. XO." -Emily, Blog Coordinator Intern

"Thank you for being such a fantastic editor in chief and even better friend. I always love seeing you and being in your amazing company. I'm incredibly fortunate to work under you. Thanks for being crazy with me!" - Brandon, Photography Intern