Getting A Blowout at Matthew Morris Salon

If you know me, then you know about my hair. My long hair is my marker, it's my pride, or at the very least, it's what some people remember if they don't remember my name.

Example- A:"Do you know Aaron, the Fashion Stylist dude?" B:"Who?" A: "The guy with the long hair!" B: "Oh yeah! He ate most of the Guac at Denver Style's last Mix & Mingle."

Anyway, I began to grow my hair out in January 2013 after I was bored of sporting a fauxhawk and wanted to try something new. I watched Youtube tutorials, read articles from other men who were growing out their hair for the first time, and began to tell everybody that I would have hair resembling Tarzan's mane in no time. To be fair, the mane part wasn't a lie, but the timeline definitely was. I came to discover that A) I actually have hair that's pretty curly and that B) because of said curls, results in length would naturally take longer. By the end of the first year my hair was only a bit past my ears, and finally down to my shoulders at the end of the second year (now January 2015). It was this slow process that led me to avoid anyone touching my hair with their scissors for as long as I could. A few told me "You should probably get it trimmed. It'll grow faster!" but I was so protective of my hair length that I wasn't taking any chances. Fast forward to 2017 and it's officially been 4 years and about 4 months since I've had a haircut. I knew it was time to get a trim.

As fate would have it, I met Javier Jaimes (or Jaime), a local makeup artist, hair stylist, and apprentice at Matthew Morris Hair Salon in Rino. He told me he needed a male with a long hair to cut, and I told him I was a male with long hair who needed a cut. So I went into the prestigious salon, sat in Jaime's chair, and put my trust in his hands. Walking into Matthew Morris Salon was an entirely new experience, as the place I had gone to 4 years prior was a smaller, get-in-the-chair-and-get-out kind of place.

"Would you like some champagne?" Jaime asked. "Don't mind if I do!" I replied, and he handed me a glass.

Then work began as he shampooed me. I have to admit, there's something really relaxing about someone else shampooing your hair, it's almost therapeutic. As we moved from the shampoo station to where I would witness my hair chopped, I got a little nervous. Jaime assured me he wasn't going to take off too much as he brought out his scissors, comb, and Keratase smoothing taming milk.  As a bonus, I was also going to get a blowout.

I saw Jaime cutting away and I felt great. It might sound silly that I regarded my hair with such protection but I have a friend with curly hair who went to a salon, and as usual they gave her the heavenly shampooing treatment before cutting. Of course, curls straighten out when they're wet, and in her case, it meant the hair stylist chopped mercilessly away, very much forgetting the fact that the hair would curl again when dried. My poor friend was devastated when her curls dried and her desired length was significantly shorter than she wanted it. Hell hath no fury would be an understatement. Thankfully, I could tell this wasn't going to be the case with Jaime as we gabbed about our careers and joked about our daily lives. Before I knew it, trimming was over the blow dryer came out. This would be my first time getting a blow out, and I couldn't have felt any fancier as I sipped at my champagne. A blow out is a service in which your hair is styled with a round brush as it is blow dried. A blow out leaves your hair sleek, shiny, and with some voluminous curls that are really worthy of an hair product ad.

"And we're done." Jaime said after he finished putting Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray in my locks. I reached for my glasses and soaked in my reflection  in the mirror. My hair was shiny, had bounce, and for lack of a better word, just looked pretty. As much as I love my curls, I really dig it when my hair is straight. It goes without saying that I definitely plan on visiting Jaime again at Matthew Morris.

As my first time getting my hair trimmed and getting a blowout, I have to say I loved it! Even after I left the salon, I could just feel the power of my hair as I went throughout my day. I always take into consideration what I'm wearing but after this, I'm going to have to keep in mind that my hair looks as fab as my outfits. If you're thinking about getting a blowout: do it. Remember that your hair says as much about you as your clothes do. Until next time!