Get Your Act Together, It's Time to be Chic!

It's the doldrums of winter and you've let you style game slide. You were trying to keep warm instead of dressing for Fashion Week. Well, times up and you'd better get on it. The need to look chic and effortless is upon us. Denver you've failed at this over the last few months. Snap out of it.

Take the casual T-shirt and jeans combo so many have grown to cement in their wardrobe as their go to uniform for life. There's more to life than T-shirts, plus free T-Shirts from any number of the tech companies you may have had thrown at you need to be swiftly recycled & never worn, ever. Throw these away, or better yet recycle them as rags because that's about all they are good for on the fashion front and in life in general. Let's know look at a few ways to make things exciting for your wardrobe.

You don't have to dress in boring tee shirt and jeans to feel comfortable. This can be quite easily accomplished by choosing items that feel good in general and have structure. Silk flowy silhouettes  are a top trend this spring that have continued from last fall. Layering is key and this can work to your advantage. Add different textures to create depth.

Find what is comfortable to you that has some great and amazing features. Accessories are a great way to enhance your style. Jewelry for instance can transform a plain look into an interesting conversation point. Do you have an interesting large ring or intricate necklace that defines you? If so incorporate it with what you wear.

Do you love handbags? Make this a piece of your complete look by adding a short scarf, pin on patches or a designer key fob. Handbags that are in the shape of inanimate objects this year are making a splash such as these and these.What are some of your favorite pieces of interest? Work these into your everyday wardrobe for some variety!

Last but not least be adventurous in putting together your daily outfits. Take the time each season to go through your closet and edit, try on and get rid of what doesn't fit you or your new aesthetic. If you have a basic knowledge of what colors work together well, start playing with mixing textures or prints to see what amazing combinations you can come up with. And remember you are your own brand so make an active choice to project yourself in the best possible way inside and out.