Five Ways to Boost Spring Productivity

Every April, I go through about two weeks in which I run around spring crazy, drinking cold brew and throwing silk floral scarves in the air like rhythmic gymnastics ribbons. However, in those two weeks of merriment, basically nothing of value ever gets done. This year, life has been too amazing and busy to allow me to fall behind, so I went on a one-woman mission to improve my springtime productivity. Instead of using the energy boost to uselessly gallivant about town, I used it to get a jump on all of the pre-summer work awesomeness that was coming my way. Here are my five favorite tips:

Revamp Your Space

There is nothing better than a clean, fresh workspace ready to let the ideas flow. Clean out your desk, get a fresh new iPad case, and enjoy seeing your space as a whole new world. My favorite move is to change my desktop background to something bright and light to make me happy as soon as I begin work. And DEFINITELY add some fresh flowers to your space.

Add New Things to Your Routine

Switch out your afternoon coffee with a fruit tea, switch up your work hours in your day, or get a bright new notebook. I love adding color this time of year! Nothing makes me want to work more than fun new office supplies. Trying to work with the same old routine into the brighter months is recipe for burnout. Take this as an opportunity to add some zest to your work day.

List, List List

Spring is the season when hundreds of opportunities begin to flood to us, and it can get overwhelming. Even if you are not a lister, planner, or bullet journaling fan, making lists in the time of year when it is easiest to get distracted can help you plan and prioritize.


With the sun staying up longer into the evening and birds happily chirping in the morning, I fall deep into an “I’m too cool for sleep” pattern around this time of the year. However, this leaves me in a puddle of exhaustion by Thursday every single week. When you continually have to catch up on sleep, productivity is one of the first things to take a hit. While your sleep pattern may have to shift in these months, keep at least seven hours of sleep each night in your rotation. That daylight-savings-time energy rush can only go so far, sister. Go to sleep!

Change Your Environment

With temps like these, we really need to be taking advantage of this Denver sun. Instead of getting outside to sip wine and wax poetic on the clouds in the sky, take your laptop. Don’t try to sit in an office and get the same amount of work done as you do when it is gray and snowy outside. A change of scenery is proven to boost creative capacity. Besides, you’re an adult, so no one is going to stop you from having that glass of Rosé at your working happy hour.

Spring is the time for reinvention, so enjoy the energy rush and make things happen!