Fashion While Freezing

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AUTHORED BY: Erica Dwyer, Freshly Sharpened

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Eric Crosby, Eric J Crosby Photography

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It’s been cold here, really freaking cold. And then it has been warm. And then cold again. More than anything, it’s been exhausting! How does a person get dressed on days like this? Turns out, very deliberately. Layering is key on days like we’ve had lately. Layers have two benefits: they can elevate any outfit and keep me warm while allowing some options for when the temp jumps about sixty degrees in twelve hours. My weapon of choice? A faux fur vest. It helps me feel warm and like a person too cool to spend every Sunday meal prepping her sack lunches and internally screaming. Another pro tip I’ve picked up in the layering game? Over-the-knee boots are not only adorable, they also basically function as a second pair of pants.


Now, unfortunately, freezing temps are not confined only to weekends, and I also have to get dressed for work five times a week. I tend to gravitate toward neutrals, and blush is my absolute favorite color. However, during the drawling winter months, I also reach for colorful accessories to try and brighten things up on gloomy days.


In fact, on most winter days my inner dialogue goes something like this:

-Crap! I’m cold! I need a sweater to my knees! A big cozy one!

-How about I add a bright scarf, then maybe random people will glare at each

other less on the light rail, yes, yes, cobalt blue has the power to do that.

-Okay, yes, yes, if a scarf can do that, then a sequin hat will solve all the

problems left in the world. But there won't be that many, because everyone

on the light rail will be in a good mood.


My mornings involve a lot of self-affirmation. Because mornings are hard. And being cold is hard. But the beauty of Colorado winter is just that: Colorado winter! So work to find your winter uniform, wear it with pride until you warm up and hey, throw some blue in there from time to time.