Spinster Sisters Co. Birthday Bash

The first thing you notice when you walk down 3rd Avenue in Cherry Creek North, once you get past the smell of slightly over-roasted coffee beans from Starbucks, is the scent. At first, it lingers gently in the air like an olfactory siren song, bidding you come, and as you walk further, it grows stronger. A bouquet of citrus warming the chilly, dry air on this unseasonably cold, grey day, like the mythical Bali Hai, it beckons onward toward the Spinster Sisters Company.

“That’s our diffuser,” says Katie, a sales associate, when I enter the small, softly-lit boutique shop, “It’s a blend of citrus essential oils—lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, and eucalyptus—called ‘Gardner’s’ and it’s one of our most popular scents.”

That they’re demonstrating their most popular oil today makes sense; today Spinster Sisters Company is celebrating their 5th birthday.

Spinster Sisters Company is an authentically Colorado business—born of a desire for natural bath and body products instead of the usual chemical cocktails sold in stores, the company has grown from Kelly Perkins’ craft fair soap stand to a full-fledged retail phenomenon with three Denver-area locations and resellers in hundreds of spas, salons, and other natural skin care specialty boutiques across the country.  With a turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century aesthetic and emphasis on using locally-sourced or fair trade ingredients wrapped in environmentally-friendly packaging, it’s no wonder Coloradans have taken to the brand with such fervor, including a loyal clientele and devoted employees who think of the company as family.

“We’re like a big, collaborative family,” Katie, told me as she buzzed around the shop, setting up balloons for the party. “If you have an idea, we’ll take it and run with it and see if it works. You know, like, if you have a cool idea for a product, Kelly will be like ‘That’s pretty cool. I’m going to try and make that,’ and if it works, it goes out to the stores.”

“Like with this birthday party, every little piece of it, everyone in the company helped put together,” she continued as set out gourmet mini cupcakes from Make, Believe Bakery. For each of Spinster Sister’s three retail locations’ birthday parties, the company sourced their treats and sweets the same way they source their ingredients—locally: in Golden, the cupcakes came from Gold Mine Cupcakes, while The Preservery provided the goodies at the RiNo location.

Even the selfie-station—a large cardboard cutout of two 19th century cabaret dancers through which party goers could stick their heads for a unique photo op, was sourced from an Etsy shop.

To help celebrate, Spinster Sisters gave away free bars of Birthday Cake soap—vanilla-scented soap mixed with funfetti-like flakes of lavender and rose, enticing party goers to purchase with “mystery birthday bags” filled with products at a set price point. “Sara came up with the idea for the bags, choosing three different price points and creating these themes for each one,” said Katie as she tied a bouquet of rainbow balloons to a brightly-decorated table featuring the bags, plus a large tray of treats and coupe glasses for the boxed chardonnay and bottles of prosecco.

Spinster Sisters is a much-loved Colorado success story, and its fans are numerous and loyal—which is why the company is still going strong after five years. Even an unseasonable damp wind and dreary weather could not keep Spinster Sister fans away or put a damper on the fifth birthday festivities. Two women drove down to Cherry Creek after running a 5K in Superior just to attend the event, sipping prosecco and enjoying a cookies and cream-flavored cupcake while they gushed about how much they loved the products. “We drove straight here as soon as we finished the race,” said one woman as her young son licked rich buttercream icing off the top of the cupcake. “As soon as I saw [the post about the fifth birthday party] on Facebook, I knew we weren’t going to miss this!”