Event Gallery: Shooting With A Stylist Workshop

|| Photography by Brandon Dougherty ||

On Wednesday June 10, our staff was able to attend our very own editor-in-chief's photography workshop. The event took place right in our studio. Heather walked us through how to pin clothing on a model for the best coverage, how to choose the right type of outfits and how to use lighting and space to the best of our advantages.

The workshop consisted of photographers from around the Denver and surrounding area in addition to our staff. We were all eager to learn the tricks of styling that Heather has learned throughout her years working in fashion. Model Hara (@brave.face) was a wonderful contribution as she modeled for the photographers during the workshop.

In addition to learning the tricks of the trade, guests were invited to enjoy wine and listen to old school hip-hop music, which put everyone in a great mood. Our friends over at Whorl Shop styled our looks for the evening. Thanks, Whorl!

| Stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming Denver Style Magazine workshops |