Event Gallery: Pinrose Dinner

|| Written by Samantha Brewers ||

|| Photography by Brandon Dougherty ||

Last Thursday night, the Denver Style team was kindly invited to sit down for a lovely dinner with Christine Luby, co-founder of the luxury fragrance brand, Pinrose. We were joined by Denver blogger, Lacey Spuce, who you all may know as @myboringcloset, as well as CU Boulder brand ambassadors, Jenny Buffa and Jordan Norman (@pinrosecu).

The gathering took place at Lola Mexican Fish House. Not only were we graced with the presence of fantastic company, but a wonderful selection of fine dining. Christine started off the evening by elaborating on the foundation and development of Pinrose. Her and her business partner, Erika Shumate, established their company in 2014. Upon meeting in school, Erika and Christine quickly formed a lifelong friendship. Erika studied the psychology of scent, which led us to learn some fascinating information from Christine. She explained the correlation between scent and color, sound, shape and texture.

Christine and Erika, both fed up with the traditional process of selecting perfume (being bombarded and overwhelmed with countless scents and variations), came up with a selection process of their own. Pinrose personalizes the buying experience for each customer. Take a simple quiz, and you’re done. The crazy thing is, it absolutely works!

Christine passed around a sample of each scent, explaining the playful names and components. We passed and pondered the scents, each taking note of our personal likes and dislikes. In order to cleanse the palates of our noses, she gave us a handy tip, and cleared up a common myth. Instead of smelling coffee beans to rejuvenate your sense of smell, it is actually more functional to smell the scent of your own skin! This information caused us all to instantly smell our arms (making us the strangest looking people in the restaurant, I would imagine).

We all left Lola with a sample pack of scents, and smelling all kinds of wonderful. Below is a list of our favorite scents! Anyone who had enough phone data to take the quiz will assure you that it was 100% accurate!

Heather: Garden Gangster + Merry Maker || Samantha: Moonlight Gypsy + Campfire Rebel || Cailyn: Secret Genius + Cuddle Punk || Jenny: Campfire Rebel + Pinrose || Jordan: Tambourine Dreamer || Christine: Merry Maker + Treehouse Royal || Lacey: Merry Maker + Garden Gangster + Moonlight Gypsy || Brandon: Campfire Rebel + Moonlight Gypsy

Take the quiz yourself, and find out which Pinrose scent suites you. Find their selection in person at Nordstrom!