Event Gallery: Non-Traditional Night of DFW

It Was Time: The First Ever Non-Traditional Night of Denver Fashion Week (DFW)

 || by Jordan Jackson ||

The first ever Non-Traditional Night of Denver Fashion Weekend brought out all of the stops last Wednesday evening. Models in every shape, size and age strutted the catwalk adorned brilliantly with confidence. The presentation took fashion industry standards and wiped away any stereotypes that may still exist. Seriously, we've got pictures to prove it.

Hosted at City Hall, the event began as any great night does… with the little bit of booze. After mixing and mingling, party guests were escorted into the auditorium for the night’s festivities. Attendees were welcomed by Channel 8’s Dtown host, Racehael West, then quickly transported into a dark and grungy scene. The transition displayed black eye masks, ripped denim, fishnets and plaid. Tattooed models rocked the runway setting an unexpected standard for the showcase.

Taking a softer and more whimsical approach, Inspyre Boutique styled petite models in neutral color tones with statement necklaces and oversized feathers. Staying true to their brand, Inspyre highlighted the art of dressing effortlessly chic, emphasizing the messy braid and how to layer with a great vest. It must be noted, even exhibited on smaller frames, the outfits seemed extremely wearable and functional for multiple body types. This was the cherry on top of an already very pleasant show.

Black is the new black. Following intermission, AnnaFesta took the simple idea of long sleeves and floor length gowns and made it surprisingly fresh. The collection could be described in one word: sleek. The plus-sized models were well polished and proud, defining what it means to be a powerful woman. Bold black and white patterns with pops of fuchsia showcased the beauty of natural curves. AnnaFesta should be a staple in every woman’s closest.

The evening concluded in a standing ovation and the over arching feeling of encouragement. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it certainly doesn’t stick to one trend.  The true secret to style is doing what feels right for you and self-assuredly rocking your favorite pieces no matter your body type, gender or age.