Event Gallery: "Makers Gonna Make", A #DENYSOCIAL

With every purchase made benefitting an artist or designer, Denver-based DENY Designs has creative, out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to home furnishings, accessories and everything in between. At their recent "Makers Gonna Make" soiree, DENY Designs showcased their latest design collection in their office loft space. In addition, local boutiques, artisans, brewers and photographers were gathered to promote themselves and showcase local Denver businesses.

As a fun treat, a photobooth, popcorn machine and giant Connect Four game provided endless entertainment for guests.

Unique to DENY Designs is their uniquely designed and crafted pieces. Their customers are given hundreds of options of modern patterns made by artists. Then, the DENY team places the pattern of ones choosing on custom built furniture pieces such as desks, coffee tables, kitchen tables, side tables, cubes, corn hole....you name it, DENY Designs has it.

The Denver Style Magazine team had a great time checking out the chic, trendy furniture and the party was a blast. Don't forget to look to DENY Designs for your next round of home decorating. In the meantime, following them on Instagram is a surefire way to come up with trendy decorating inspiration!

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Written by Emily Doherty