Entrepreneur Spotlight - Sophia Lucas and Colton Joseph

Meraki: the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. Soon-to-be-wed duo, Sophia Lucas and Colton Joseph, have poured their souls into Meraki Moon. After coming across the Greek word, meraki, they couldn’t think of a name more suited for their online boutique. Their creative contributions share the perfect balance; Sophia with a lifelong dream to open her own boutique, and Colton’s extensive web design and online marketing skills. Here's the inside scoop on this bohemian shopper's dream from Sophia herself! How do you and Colton work together to run Meraki Moon?

“Colton is pretty much the yin to my yang, which has made working together extremely easy and productive. We have such a strong relationship outside of the business that when it comes to working on the store we are able to put a lot of trust and faith in the each other’s abilities. Colton works in online marketing and web development so he has been able to create the store exactly the way we had imagined, as well as focus our marketing tactics on the bohemian girl we are hoping to attract. On the other hand, I am 100% driven by creativity and handle other aspects of the business like the styling, product shoots, pop-up shop events, social media and buying for the store.”


Sophia knew early on that fashion was going to play a huge role in her life. Her mother was a talented seamstress, giving her plenty of insight on the design aspect of the industry. She was taught to sew, style, and was completely surrounded by creative minds; basically growing up engulfed in fashion. As you would imagine, Sophia couldn’t help but fall in love with the lifestyle. Shopping and planning/creating her own outfits became so constant she claims it was almost an “unhealthy obsession” for her! Naturally, this passion led her to earn a degree in apparel and merchandising at CU. After her education, managing at Urban Outfitters and learning the tricks of the trade, her dream finally came true.

How long have you known that you wanted to open your own store?

"I have dreamed of opening my own store for as long as I can remember. I have always been in love with California-style and felt like Colorado was missing a lot of the amazing lines that the West Coast offers. Since we knew there were other girls that must be feeling this same way we wanted to provide our customers with a bohemian-chic style Colorado seemed to be lacking.”

According to Meraki Moon’s online bio, their style is focused on “the girl with a free spirit and a divine passion for the arts, fashion and life.” This standout Denver boutique strays away from the typical trends, and instead gives the bohemian clothing options that are harder to come by in this region.

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What motivates and inspires you?

“In all honesty my motivation comes from how much I love what I am doing. Almost every day Colton and I wake up and talk about how lucky we are to be doing something that doesn’t feel like work. Having a huge passion for fashion and our business drives us to want to make it the best it can be. Our customers are also a huge motivation for us. We have been extremely lucky to meet so many amazing people through the store that it really pushes us to think of ways to give our customers a fun and rewarding shopping experience.”

When asked what interests her outside of work, Sophia struggled to come up with an answer. Virtually all of her interests in some way correlate with their business. Again, the name Meraki Moon is a perfect representation of the company. These two individuals poured all of their interests and aspirations into one, creating the absolute dream; a job that doesn’t feel like work.


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