Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shana Colbin of Kismet

The joyous spirit of Shana Colbin, owner of local boutique Kismet, is an absolute reflection of her business. The core values of Kismet are Kindness, Integrity, Sincerity, Motivation, Empathy and Teamwork. Shana uses these values to create a relaxing, happy environment for her customers. A priority at Kismet is providing quality products, while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Read on, and get to know the wonderful woman behind this charming local business!  

Denver Style Magazine: Could you tell us about your experience in the fashion industry?

Shana Colbin: “I spent 15 years on the wholesale side of fashion selling mostly jewelry and accessories. I was a wholesale representative, which means I would sell the wares of accessory and jewelry companies to boutiques, catalogs, department stores, museum shops, etc.”

DSM: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

SC: “Absolutely! I started in college when I got tired of dishwashing and throwing pizzas. My step-sister had a clothing import business and she'd send me her overstock and I'd sell it in front of the student center. During my career, I've only worked for one company (and that lasted less than a year before I broke out on my own)!”

DSM: How did you decide to create Kismet, and what was the process like for you?

SC: “Kismet means "destiny" or "meant to be." When I found my first space in the historic highlands it felt as if everything had fallen into place; it felt like kismet. I decided to try retail when my children were young since being a wholesale rep meant going on the road quite often. What started out as a hobby blossomed into 3 stores thanks to the stylin' ladies of Denver! I set out to create a place where women (and men, usually shopping for women) could take a break from their day and escape into some retail therapy –I wanted people to think of my stores as their happy place, and I guess that intention caught on!”

DSM: We love your core values! Can you elaborate on these?

SC: “Thank you! Our core values are Kindness, Integrity, Sincerity, Motivation, Empathy and Teamwork. Life is short and it's not worth taking clothing and accessories too seriously. We are here to enjoy each other, our customers and community and create a place for people to relax, have fun and feel spoiled!”

DSM: Could you describe the styles you carry?

SC: “Our clothing is comfortable, stylish and high quality. Our jewelry is unique, featuring many local and international artisans. Our accessories are colorful and fun, and our gifts are meant to inspire your soul!”

DSM: What is your contribution to Denver's fashion community?

SC: “I believe we stand out because we focus on the individual. When you come in to Kismet, we want you to feel your best, rather than focus on trends and what's hot or IN. We want you to leave feeling like you have building blocks in your wardrobe that make choosing an outfit a little less stressful in the morning.”

DSM: Last but not least, tell us about yourself!

SC: “I'm married with two kids and, thankfully, all of us love to travel. I am passionate about healthy, delicious food and love to explore different cultures and their traditions. I love taking my dog for walks, going to the movies and trying out whatever new pops up on the Denver restaurant scene. Life is good!”


Kismet currently has three locations: the Highlands, Lowry Town Center and Cherry Hills Marketplace. Make sure to check them out on Instagram as well @kismetaccessories!