Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sarah Markway of Rustic Thread

For as long as she can remember, Sarah Markway has held a passion for the fashion industry. Strongly believing that the industry chooses you, this Chicago girl packed up and took her aspirations to new cities, where she gained some of her most beneficial retail experience. She worked as a PR intern for DKNY, for two startup companies in LA and was a regional director for a mass retailer. Living on Manhattan Beach reeled her in to the laid back, boho, beach life while being a regional director strayed her away from positions lacking genuine customer interaction. Now living in Denver with a store of her own, she has filled her life with all of the qualities she loves.

Sarah’s idea behind RusticThread was to create a store that any woman can shop at. Having four sisters (each with their own individual style) she catches herself asking which sister would wear the new pieces she brings in. The point being, RusticThread caters to women with various styles and strays away from strict trends.

Denver Style Magazine: How long have you known that you would like to open your own store, and could you tell us a little about the process?

Sarah Markway: “I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit - it wasn't necessarily about owning my own business as much as it was wanting to create a brand that will continue to invent and evolve. I loved the idea of a brand that really encompasses the woman who isn't necessarily a slave to fashion, but likes to try on new styles or trends as it fits in her lifestyle.”

DSM: Could you tell us about the styles you carry and how you go about choosing inventory?

SM: "The RusticThread woman is all of us - we carry brands that appeal to a large variety of styles. From classic pieces, to boho-chic, to indie; we try to stay on top of the modern woman's ever-changing style and how it fits with her lifestyle. Choosing inventory is about fit, fabric, and quality. It has to feel great, fit different body types and it has to be quality for the right price. We want her walking out of the shops feeling great with a new outfit that won't break her bank.”

Inspired by family, fashion and lifestyle, Sarah is always thinking of new ways to build her brand. In addition to the store itself, she is extremely proud of the team she has assembled.

DSM: Tell us about your interests outside of your career.

SM: "Being originally from Chicago - I love the big city, but adore the laid back vide of beach living. Now living in Denver I get to have the city life with the laid back vibe of the mountains. When I am not working you will find me running around the city or heading to the mountains with the best daily accessory (& the best shop dog ever!), Barley."

RusticThread has something for everyone at prices that will keep you coming back for more. Her along with her amazing team are ready to help find the perfect outfit for you. 

RusticThread || Instagram: @rusticthread