Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ron, Ryan & Brett Wagner of Bespoke Edge

Today’s entrepreneur feature stars a father, Ron Wagner, and his two sons, Ryan and Brett. Representing the trio, Ryan took the time to go in depth regarding the roles, values and mission of Bespoke Edge. BE offers affordable menswear made in the United States. In addition to the quality clothing they provide is an understanding of menswear fashion, stemming from years of experience and development. With the combination of Ron Wagner's 37 years in the menswear industry, and the lifetime of experience this gave his son's, your experience at BE will leave you looking your best.

Denver Style Magazine: Could you tell me about your experience and interest in the fashion industry before BE?

Ryan Wagner: “Growing up, my brother Brett and I were always very well dressed. Our father, Ron, had always worked in the men's clothing business, and so as young boys we learned how to tie a tie and wear a suit. Fast-forward to today, and the three of us have teamed up to create BE. Although we come from different backgrounds, we each bring something to the table.”

DSM: Could you explain each of your roles, and the positive aspect of being a family run business?

RW: “So, we've been at this for three years now, and our roles have pretty much settled to where they need to be. In hindsight, we began by trying to do everything as a team, but we learned early on that we were each good at different things.

 To be more specific, here's how it breaks down:

If you're looking for a custom suit or shirt, Ron's the guy you're going to work with. He's the one that will visit you at your home or office and show you all the fabric samples, the shirt collar mock-ups, and any relevant clothing samples that you may be interested in. He will also take your measurements. Ron's been working with menswear for almost 40 years now, and no one knows the business better than he does.

Brett is our art director. He's the one in charge of making sure that our website looks great and that all the images we produce - be it on our blog, newsletter, or otherwise - look their very best. Brett has a knack for design and he ensures that our online presence accurately reflects our service and product. 

 As for myself, I run the BE blog. I started it three years ago and today it's the leading Colorado men's style blog. My goal is to provide practical style advice for men, the sort of guidance that guys can apply immediately, and that doesn't cost a fortune.”

DSM: Have you always wanted to be a business owner/how did you all decide to take the leap?

RW: “Speaking for myself, this is my second business. And although Ron was in a management position with a menswear company for many years, he didn't have the autonomy that he does now.

We knew the time was right to start BE when we saw that men were shopping differently. Guys were beginning to take notice of the way that they dress. Also, men's custom clothing was beginning to gain momentum and move towards becoming mainstream. Everything just aligned right and we knew that BE was going to be big.”

DSM: Could you tell me about the style and mission behind BE?

RW: “Our mission with BE is clear - to be the single best source for men's sartorial education in Colorado. Yes, we sell clothes, but what we really do is help guys to understand the subtleties of men's style, that by following simple rules and knowing a few tricks, you can really look like a million bucks. 

 Regarding style, I hesitate to label BE's style as a whole, because with the three of us involved in the company, you get three different styles. For instance, Ron is a bit traditional and regal in his style, whereas Brett and I opt for very fitted clothing and like to show off what can be done with bespoke clothing. However, what I think you'll see by looking over the BE website, is that we focus on the traditional menswear pieces (suits, vests, pants, shirts, etc.) and do them exceptionally well.”

Each man represents his own, individual style. As a customer of BE, you will surely find a Wagner you can relate to in terms of style. Based on their mission, they will do whatever it takes to set you up with a style that suits you personally, and you will leave with a better understanding of men’s fashion.

DSM: What is your inspiration?

RW: “What makes our job so much fun is when a new client puts on a bespoke suit for the very first time - they are just grinning ear to ear. They can't believe how much better a BE suit fits than anything they had in their closet. And that's really special for us to see because it means we've been able to successfully show a new client what a great fitting suit can do for them. We really believe that when a guy feels comfortable and confident in his clothing, that it spills over into other areas of his life.

Something that I think is important to know about the three of us, is that we really want to get to know our clients. We want to create a life-long business relationship, to be on a first name basis. Because buying clothes is a lot more fun when you genuinely like the person you're buying them from - you trust their judgment and you know that they are going to help you look your best. And what every BE client comes to realize when they work with BE, is that Ron, Ryan and Brett and just fun guys to work with.”  

The character of the person behind the sale’s desk is nearly as important as the product itself. Seeing the same faces, eager to help time and time again is what makes this family-owned business successful. Forming customer relationships is not a carefully formulated strategy used to reel in customers at BE, but a genuine way to get to know and assist the Denver community. When a man goes in to BE, it is a priority that he comes out a happy, more confident person.