Entrepreneur Spotlight: Paula Rebhun of Pink's Straight from LA

Paula Rebhun, owner of Pink's Straight from LA, has been a fashion enthusiast from the very beginning. She recently embraced this passion by taking over a business from a friend. How does she feel about being behind the wheel at Pink's? Ecstatic! We were able to learn about her journey as a business owner, fashion philosophy and more. Read on to get to know the wonderful individual behind a great local boutique!  

Denver Style Magazine: Could you explain how you became a part of the Denver fashion community, and what qualities you possess that led you to your own business?

Paula Rebhun: “I moved to Denver in 1979 from the Chicago area to attend The Art Institute of Colorado and began modeling here. I have always loved everything and anything that involved fashion, and I have worked in every facet of the fashion business.

In 2005, I opened the first pro-shop turned boutique in one of the largest athletic clubs in Colorado. It was sort of a never-been-done-before operation so I got to have a lot of fun with it. It was open for five years and was an outrageous success. I decided to take a few years off to spend with my family. When my children left for school, I began searching for a way back into the industry.

My good friend opened Pink’s in 2007, and over the years I worked for her on and off. When she wanted a change of pace and decided to sell the store, I was ecstatic to take it over! I had found my opportunity! I bought the business in February and so far SOOO good! It has been so much fun blending what has become a community brand name and icon with my fresh ideas and unique personal style. I just know the best is still yet to come! We are forever growing and changing just like the industry and it’s emerging trends!

DSM: Where would you like Pink’s to be in 5 years?

PR: “Honestly, I want to feel pretty much the same way I do today: so blessed to never feel like this is actual work…but an enthralling passion! I love every minute of being at my store and helping women look and feel their best. Otherwise though, having additional stores is always in the back of my mind!”

DSM:  Describe your style philosophy, and how you strive to carry that out through your business.

PR: “My personal style has never changed: put on a great pair of denim (preferably distressed) with an amazing top and jacket…. accessorize to give it some edge and go!

That’s the exact environment I try to maintain in the store, laid back with some flair. We thrive on creativity at Pink’s, from our employees and our customers, exchanging outfit ideas and ways to wear unique pieces. It’s all open, easy-going, collaborative, expressive and such a blast!”

DSM: What is the inspiration behind your fashion choices?

PR: “My obsession with denim! I just think denim is so timeless and classic, but also versatile and so easy to wear. It is a trend that never goes out of style and can be dressed up or down. Above all, it’s accessible. That is important to me…accessibility. That is our goal at Pink’s: make the edgy magazine model look like a reality for the everyday woman at every age dressing for work, formal events, school, taking care of the kids, and everything in between.

Everyone looks good in denim! When you look your best, it’s that much easier to do your best!”

DSM: Who or what do you consider your constant motivation?

PR: “My family: husband - Dutch, children - Rachel & Christian, my customers, friends and my employees. I could not do this without fabulous employees…they are my rock!

DSM: What is your absolute favorite piece of clothing - one you will never let go?

PR: “Once again denim, any and all denim, I have kept every pair of jeans I’ve ever bought! Bins and bins!  You will rarely see me without jeans on! My favorite pair is probably my vintage red label 501 blue’s, which technically I have let go of but not by choice. They just sort of disappeared one day. I think I know who might have borrowed them but I haven’t seen them again. You know who you are…if by chance you’re reading this, may I have them back! No questions asked.”

DSM: Describe your perfect day, business related or not.

PR: “A great cup of joe and as long as I put a smile on my family’s, customers’ and employees’ faces, life is good!  Maybe another coffee or lunch with a good friend to top it all off!”


Pink's is located at 745 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209. Stop in for a visit, and make sure to follow their Instagram - @pinksdenver