Entrepreneur Spotlight: Paul Talbot of Oblio’s Cap Hill Tavern

Oblio’s Cap Hill Tavern is a relatively new addition to the neighborhood; however, their foundation holds a great deal of history. The Tavern has been up and running for about a year and a half, while the building itself is over a century old. Owner, Paul Talbot, his son, and partner restored this hidden gem, giving the building a chance to continue its history in Capitol Hill.

Denver Style Magazine: What makes your restaurant stand out in Capitol Hill?

Paul Talbot: “The fact that we refurbished a 1903 mansion. It has a lot of history, and we tried to keep as much as we could up inside. Also, the quality of our food and the products we serve. It’s a cool hangout.”

 The old-fashioned qualities of the building as well as the creative additions give this restaurant a feel that you cannot get in your average dining experience. Immediately upon entering, you will find an original, antique safe used as a hostess station. According to Paul, the safe was an original part of the building before they began renovations. The changes made to the building only add to the historic feel. The goal was to improve the quality of the setting, while maintaining the old-fashion vibe.

Photos by Fearless Photography for XODenver

DSM: Did you choose the location based on the historic background of the building?

PT: “We decided on Cap. Hill because we wanted the neighborhood setting. We also thought we could bring in a crowd outside of the neighborhood with the food quality that we have. Its nice to have the locals be able to come here and relax.”

 Many of the staff members live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, adding to the community base of the restaurant. Although the setting brings in many locals, the establishment strives to reach out beyond the neighborhood. They strive to provide welcoming, quality service, and encourage all to stop by for a bite or a drink.

DSM: What kind of atmosphere do you and your staff work to provide?

PT: “I think neighborhood is good, but we also want to draw people in from outside the neighborhood. We have some customers that consistently come in – and that comes from some of our menu items. We have a lobster roll; we fly in lobster from Maine every week.”

DSM: What is the highlight of being a business owner?

PT: “Highlight of being a restaurant owner is different from being a business owner. As long as you serve a good quality of food, you care, and continually keep things new, I think that you will be successful. The style that we’ve tried to go with is very unique.

 Another great feature of Oblio’s is their outdoor patio, making it the perfect summer setting for a cold drink in the fresh air. Stop by, bring your friends and see what its all about!