Entrepreneur Spotlight - Nicole English & Maureen Patterson

Written by Sam Steed Found in their website bio, is the perfect summary of Nicole and Maureen’s dream come true: “Stitch Boutique breathes new life into the Denver fashion scene with a unique and inventive inventory of stylish threads.”

Both girls share a mutual adoration for fashion, dating back to childhood. Naturally, they formed a friendship, always being able to relate on this particular subject. After later coming to the realization that they were both interested in opening their own clothing stores, they decided to join forces and go for it. What better way to experience the challenges and triumphs of a new business than beside a friend? Putting together their strengths, and becoming a team proved to be a great decision.

How has your business developed over time?

“Our one-year anniversary is approaching and we couldn’t be more proud of Stitch Boutique. Every day over the last year has taught us something new. We are currently focusing on expanding our online presence and hopefully expanding to a second location!”

What an impressive amount of progress in just one year! It’s no doubt their determination, outstanding customer service, and fantastic clothing play a major role in their success. Their shared passion for the fashion industry is what truly keeps their creative spirits going. Nicole thanks her position as a men’s custom clothing designer, and her world travel experiences (where she was able to discover new and innovative fashion trends) for leading her to co-owning, Stitch Boutique. Both of the girls are able to use their life experiences to relate to the customer wants and needs.

What motivates and inspires you?

“The support we get from all of our customers motivates and inspires us in a very big way. We learn so much from them and it motivates us to keep up with the industry. They inspire us to keep the genuine smiles on everyone’s faces. It makes our day when we get to see our return customers and we thrive off of getting to meet new ones on a daily basis.”

Loving the outcome of clothing can be just as important as the pieces themselves. Clothing has the ability to bring out the inner light in people. Feeling good about yourself in what you’re wearing sends you on your way to projecting the confidence within. Nicole and Maureen love to make women feel genuinely good in their skin. Their understanding for the customer is a standout quality that goes a long way.

“Our mission is to make our customers look great.”


Could you tell me about the styles you carry, and how you go about choosing inventory?

“We choose pieces that speak to us and try to choose pieces that wouldn’t be available at any other retailers here in Denver. We carry the basics (jeans, tanks, etc), but most of what we order is all we get. We don’t like placing re-orders so that we are able to offer items that don’t over saturate the market. We offer clothing and accessories at a wide-range of price points, allowing our products to be accessible to shoppers at any price point.  We are modern, classic with slight edge.”

Want to know the girls a little better? I asked them to tell me about their lives outside of work, and here are their answers!

“I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Grew up in Venezuela and eventually settled in Colorado 15+ years ago. I love my husband, traveling, running and I have a crazy obsession with English Bulldogs!” –N

“I have a 5 month old baby boy named Greyson, he brings so much joy to my life and being a first time mother teaches you something new every day! I love working out, dining out at new and old favorite restaurants and I enjoy the beach (when I can get to one)!” –M

Surround yourself with great people, and complete your day in the Highlands with a great new outfit at Stitch Boutique!


Instagram: @stitchboutiquedenver