Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nathan Kirkpatrick, Dustin Pace, Mackey Saturday – Steadbrook

It’s hard to not be drawn in by the soothing aroma of coffee, impeccable displays and knowledgeable staff of Steadbrook. Owned by three talented individuals, [Nathan Kirkpatrick, Mackey Saturday and Dustin Pace] this men’s clothing store is the perfect blend of graphic designers and coffee enthusiasts. Here is a little glimpse within the doors of Steadbrook, through the eyes of Nathan Kirkpatrick.

Denver Style Magazine: So, why coffee?

Nathan Kirkpatrick: “We want to include as many people in here as we can, and make everyone feel welcome. Coffee is easy to talk over. It’s really because of our desire to get to know people, and get to know Denver as a community. The clothing is our way to show our principles and appreciations, and connect with people that share those. Its kind of like all three of us are pursuing our own passions within the store.”

To give you a better feel for this three-man shop, here’s a little breakdown. Dustin is the man behind the coffee, actually roasting coffee beans in the back room of the store, giving the room that comforting scent of freshly made coffee. Nathan and Mackey are both graphic designers who work on the clothing aspect of the business.

DSM: What makes you stand out from other men’s clothing stores in Denver?

NK: “It’s a balancing act. There are a few great stores within Denver that go for specifics. We wanted to have a balance of not only quality, but in the aesthetics realm, attention to detail. What really drives us is a refined level of simplicity. It’s easy to do something and be really loud about it. But the hardest thing is to do something quietly, and make it work.”

Pointing to a label from one of his favorite brands [Norse Projects] Nathan reads, “the mark of true luxury is not the grand gesture, but the simple things done well.” A simple sentence with a simple meaning yet speaking great volumes. This brands label truly reflects the philosophies behind Steadbrook. One of their most striking features is their knack for simplicity. They are able to reach out and grab attention with simple yet powerful graphics, neat displays and topping it off with a great beverage.

DSM: What sets you apart specifically?

NK: “What sets us