Entrepreneur Spotlight: Matthew Brown of Fancy Tiger Clothing

Do you love shopping local? Fancy Tiger Clothing is a huge part of what makes the Broadway scene so unique. Matthew Brown gave us all the details behind this one-of-a-kind business. For almost ten years, Matthew has provided a home to local artists and designers. Explore your creativity at Fancy Tiger Clothing!  

Denver Style Magazine: Could you explain how you became a part of the Denver fashion community?

Matthew Brown: “I got my start in small business running a coffeehouse out of state. Moving back to Denver I decided to combine the business skills I learned with my interest in clothing. With Fancy Tiger Clothing, I've worked to create a shopping destination that filled the stylistic void I saw, and to offer the experience I want when I'm investing my time in someone’s store. This seemed to resonate with Denver and the fashion community was receptive from the beginning. I think that's something unique about Denver. People notice fairly quickly when fresh faces hit the street.”

DSM: What qualities do you possess that led you to create your own business?

MB: “Fancy Tiger clothing was right on the heels of running a coffeehouse for 4+ years. The long hours and emphasis on staff management definitely put me in the right mindset for launching a new project in an industry that I had no previous experience in. I also care deeply about personal style and have a lot of confidence around my level of taste. I've been obsessed with these things since my childhood. I was tailoring my own pants in the 5th grade. I'm happy to see men getting more involved with how they look and stores catering to this trend, but this isn't anything new to me. This isn't just a smart market, this is who I am.”

DSM: Where would you like your business to be in 5 years?

MB: “I'm continually moving towards a more creative role that keeps me challenged. That's where the passion is. I've been on the floor for almost 10 years and I'm finally pulling away from having such a physical presence in the store. The idea is to let the brand explore more design and manufacturing opportunities while at the same time continuing to earn the reputation as one of the best clothing stores in Colorado.”

DSM: Describe your style philosophy, and how you strive to carry that out through your business.

MB: “Just be kind and genuine in what you do. This is executed by the fantastic family of people that make up the Fancy Tiger Clothing team. The staff here is constantly teaching each other and serving as a reminder to each other to be honest and approachable. I am thankful to have such a wonderful foundation that understands my vision the mission of the store.”

DSM: What is the inspiration behind your fashion choices?

MB: “I think a lot of fashion savvy people don't spend a lot of time thinking about why they wear what they do. We gravitate towards things and then we make them part of our uniform. I really don't think about it all too much.”

DSM: Who or what do you consider your constant motivation?

MB: “I get motivated by much of what my peers are doing in Denver. I watch friends open beautiful restaurants and boutiques. I love the constant inspiration and reminder than things can be done better.”

DSM: What is your absolute favorite piece of clothing - one you will never let go?

MB: “I don't have anything that I think I'll never let go of. Clothing comes and goes. But I will admit I'm quite fond of this tattered denim jacket that keeps hanging around.”

DSM: Describe your perfect day (can be business related or not).

MB: “Something involving a little sun, maybe a dip in a hot tub, and a cat. Yeah, there's definitely a cat in there.”


Fancy Tiger Clothing is located at 55 Broadway St, Denver, CO 80203 - be sure to stop by in person and follow them online for more information!

Instagram: @fancytigerclothing