Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Snipe of Sully & Co.

Mark Snipe, owner and founder of Sully & Co., began his establishment based on a simple element: the need for a straightforward menswear store, offering quality clothing. After working for seven years in the fashion industry, he established a deep appreciation for well-made clothing. Recognizing that Denver had yet to offer the shopping experience he desired, it seemed natural to create one of his own. The mission behind Sully & Co. is to provide an easy shopping experience for men with similar values in regards to quality and style. A quote taken straight from their mission statement – “At Sully & Co, we don’t believe clothes make the man; but they go a long way to making him look good.” Denver Style Magazine: Could you tell me about your experience in the fashion industry pre Sully & Co.?

Mark Snipe: “I worked five years as a Finance lead at Ralph Lauren in its Product Licensing and womenswear divisions before moving on to co-lead Lacoste’s North American footwear division.”

DSM: What led you to appreciate the well-made clothing you provide, besides the obvious!

MS: “Both my parents were well dressed and into quality product. My mother always stressed that quality was your biggest discount because quality lasts. In addition, while at Ralph Lauren’s womenswear division, which is its luxury division, I was getting an education in what quality fabrics look and feel like and the importance of make in the manufacture of a garment.”

Beginning at an early age, Mark was taught the benefit of quality over quantity. Sharing a household often leads to the sharing of values. The initial base of his fashion education came from his parents, and developed through his many years of experience in the fashion industry. Eventually, Mark set off to create his own fashion experience, driven by the yearning for something fun and compelling, in addition to the void he hoped to fill in Denver’s menswear selection.

DSM: Have you always wanted to be a business owner/How did you decide to take the leap as an entrepreneur?

MS: “I have always wanted to own my own business. For many years I did not know what that business would be. Working at RL and Lacoste made me realize what that business would be. The prompt to open my own business came when my girlfriend, Maria, decided that she wanted to leave New York for greener pastures. That is when I began to think about what my next chapter would be. I realized I loved great style and quality product and that opening a men’s boutique would be a great way to match my interests with a career.”

DSM: Could you tell me about the style and mission behind Sully & Co?

MS: “The style we purvey here at Sully & Co, we have dubbed ‘Urban Preppy’. It is a classic take on menswear with a contemporary silhouette. We have traded in the suit for a more sartorially astute look of a sports jacket and slacks or denim. We believe that the more continental look involves matching a sports jacket with a great shirt (and tie, if necessary) with either slacks or denim.”

What does Sully and Co. bring to Denver’s fashion community? MS:“We are trying to provide Denverites with a relaxed and inviting place for men to shop for work or going out afterwards. As Denver grows and expands, we hope to be top of mind when gents are looking for great clothes to wear.”

There you have it – If your fashion values match those of Mark Snipe, pay him a visit at Sully and Co!