Entrepreneur Spotlight: Margaret Miner, Ten20/Rags Consignments

In 1995, Margaret Miner opened the first branch of Rags Consignments. Today, you can choose from three Colorado locations: Boulder, Cherry Creek and the Highlands. In 2004, she continued her entrepreneurial pursuit by opening Ten20, a nail and waxing spa in Boulder. The Denver Style team made sure to stop in for manicures as a part of our Boulder Staycation feature. It was the perfect ending to our day! The relaxing, modern atmosphere behind Margaret’s vision gives Ten20 a more personal feel than the typical nail salon.

Denver Style Magazine: Can you describe the atmosphere of Ten20?

Margaret Miner: "I would say, casual and modern. I’ve heard it be called California modern. It’s very industrial. Different from a lot of spas or salons that you’d go in to that are all white or blue (lemon water, white robes, etc). So, I created it to fall into the middle of the cheap salon and the high end.”

Hoping to create the perfect medium for a casual spa experience, Margaret’s idea was to fix the problem areas many spas tend to have. Equipped with snacks, drinks, popular TV shows on a centralized screen and a friendly staff, Ten20 doesn’t allow any room for discomfort. After asking about her ideal spa experience, she stated, “If someone would just hand me a diet coke and put on Oprah, I’d be great! ” (Hence, the unlimited M&M’s and diet coke.) Ten20 is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Whether you’re popping in to touch up your nails solo, or coming by with the whole gang, you will be welcomed with open arms. If you’re looking for a place for a party or girl’s day, Ten20 loves to host gatherings such as birthdays, bridal groups, corporate parties and anything in between.

DSM: How have you gained a following of loyal customers?

MM: “Number one is hiring the right people. Customer service is huuuge to me. At Ten20 especially, the person has to be able to multi-task. I’ve been really fortunate to have people that really care about people. They like what they’re selling. So the people at Ten20 like the job, but most of them just really just like people. Which is what I’m like. I get a kick out of people.”

Everyone at Ten20 is trained to make the customer experience the best that it can be. Figuring out why a person is discontent or unhappy, and working with them to solve the problem, is a quality every employee has mastered. “Its kind of like hugging. We do everything but hug. Unless she needs that too!” Caring about people and products is what they do best!

DSM: How would you encourage people to make the trip out to Boulder?

MM: "Boulder is great. I feel like we’re spoiled. We have great food and coffee on every block. We have a niche for boutique shops; they have substance to them. Also, it’s a very small area, so it’s not hard to figure out where things are. If you want to go to everything in Boulder, you can do that in a day. You can have a glass of wine, a great breakfast and lunch, all on the way!”

Ten20 is another element of what makes Boulder unique. The locally owned shops sprinkled all over give it the raw substance to stand out among many small towns. The addition of Margaret’s business adds another great stop to your own Boulder staycation.

DSM: Is there a connection between Rags and Ten20?

MM: “They were both businesses that I wanted to happen, personally. I wanted what would become of them. With Rags, I thought, how is there no place that I can go to get great secondhand clothes that are mainstream? I wanted J Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and some fancy jeans! Ten20 was the same way. I wanted something in the middle. I didn’t want cheap, and I didn’t want expensive. I wanted to be a little rowdy and fun, and not too snooty. And the way they work together is the demographic, the same customer. Somebody who wants the experience at Ten20 also wants that same experience at Rags. Someone whose style and life-forward. Its more about the state of mind.”

Margaret points out that it is not at all about age, its about the way one thinks. Her regular customers age between 23 and 63. If you consider yourself to be one of these people, there’s no doubt that you will have a fabulous experience in any one of Margaret’s stores.

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