Entrepreneur Spotlight - Lindsay Naughton and Brittany Brennan

Two girls, a beautiful friendship and a mutual love for all things fashion; Lindsay and Brittany are the perfect team. Before Patterns & Pops, the girls found joy in expressing their sense of style through their personal Instagram accounts. After being contacted by numerous brands to promote their clothing, they came to the realization that they could go beyond this. Why not promote their own clothing? Ready for a career change, they held their breath, booked two tickets to Vegas and went on their first buying trip. On the trip, they purchased their first five pieces of clothing and crossed their fingers that their followers would be just as excited as they were. Turns out, they were! How do you two know each other, and can you explain how you run the store as a team? (Each other's strengths, roles, etc.)

Brittany and I met working at a photography studio about seven years ago. Through the years working together we developed a great friendship, as we quickly realized how much we had in common – dancing, celebrity gossip, wine and most importantly fashion. Brittany and I have very opposite skill sets - she is very creative and visual, I love numbers and logistics so we complement each other perfectly!" -L

Being a two person show our roles can change day-to-day. Lindsay is a doer, so she naturally wears a lot of hats. She is in charge of making sure our inventory is organized and that our pretty packages get to our clients without any hiccups. And when there is a hiccup, you better believe she’s on top of it. I am in charge of our Instagram and creating content for our followers. We both double as models, steamers, and support for each other.” –B


As far as the style of clothing they carry, you can get the sense of it from the name; Patterns & Pops! They go for bright, fun and of course, patterns. The goal is to provide women with outfits that will turn a head, and spark the question – “where did you get that?” First impressions are important, and an outfit says a lot about the person within. They provide fun clothing – clothing designed to “spice up” your closet.

 How did you come up with the name for your boutique?

"We wanted a name that was visually easy to brand and that people would remember.  Our initial concept was Patterns & Popsicles - our clothing is primarily statement pieces, or as well call them ‘sweet treats for your closet.’  We ended up choosing Patterns & Pops, shortened, because it better fits our style - fun patterns and bright hues of color (pops!).“ –L&B

The essence of Patterns & Pops reflects the spirit and fun vibes given off by Lindsay and Brittany. Back in the day, Lindsay’s dream job was to be a princess; Brittany, on the other hand, an animal lover with an artistic side. These amazing girls have put together their skills and passions to create the perfect outlet for their creativity.

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What motivates and inspires you?

“I have always been inspired by all of the great women in my life - they’ve shown me how important it is to take time to really discover what fulfills me, to seek it out and to fight for it.  They fought to give me the opportunities that have been presented to me and now I get to pay it forward. I am motivated by the pursuit of happiness. I know I want to spend time with my family and friends, and to have a family of my own some day. I want to help others, and I want to see the world and somewhere in between. I need to make a sustainable living… if I can do all that and love what I do every day, I have beat the odds.  Now I just have to make it all happen! Look out!” –L

“I always felt that if I created long lasting friendships and surrounded myself by really great people that things would just have a way of working out. So in that sense, interactions with people I love inspire me to live a happy life: laughing until my stomach hurts, traveling to a foreign place with my husband, or trying a new restaurant with an old friend.  A perfectionist to the core, I am motivated by outcomes. Once I come up with an idea it can be hard for me to slow down because I become really excited to see the end result. I love me a good arts and crafts session!” –B

Not even a year into their business, and they have created quite a name for themselves. Just two best friends, living the dream. Need a little spice for your wardrobe? Find some fun designs and a splash of color with Patterns & Pops!


Instagram: @Patternsandpops