Entrepreneur Spotlight: Katie Wells – Giddyup!

Getting to know Katie Wells was nothing short of a blast. Her colorful personality and attire are sure to light up any room. Initially inspired by cabbage patch kids, this talented designer was born to create. By using vintage fabrics and materials, her style tends to stray away from fast fashion. Each piece of vintage material she uses holds a story within. Whether it has endured a decade or more, it has proven its ability to maintain structure for those who held it close. Katie’s business represents these materials well by giving each piece a completely original transformation. By taking material and inspiration from any source she finds fitting, she lets her inner creativity and light shine through each design.

Why Giddyup? A mixture of Cramer’s signature line from Seinfeld and a classic photo of her grandparents goofing around, and the name fell right into place. The playful nature of the name and adorable photo now displayed on her business card represent her designs well – fun, ageless and spirited!

Denver Style Magazine: Is there a specific age or target market you prefer to design for?

Katie Wells: “No, not at all, anyone. The young at heart!”

The mission behind her business is to create one of a kind clothing that will last just as long as the vintage materials it consists of. If her pieces become family heirlooms, she has succeeded!

Everything about Katie Wells screams artist. All designers surely come across a slump or two in their career, feeling as though their passion has burned out. For Katie, simply thrifting, handling fabrics and taking a walk through her studio is the only match she needs to keep her fire burning. You can’t stop an artist from making art.


KW: “When I’m trying to come up with an idea, its best for me to just ride my bike, sit out in the sun, just – space out. It’s a form of meditation. You are not focusing on anything, and being open to the world.”

Katie expresses that there can definitely be value in spacing out! Some of the best ideas come to you when you aren’t under pressure to think. Straying away from “normal” and exploring the opposite end of the spectrum is where the best ideas are waiting to be found.

KW: “Trends come and go so quickly! What’s the point… what’s new for spring, what’s the new color this year? Just stick with something you like. You don’t have to change because of what people tell you.”

DSM: What do you enjoy outside of your business?

KW: “I love to garden. I’m a pretty solitary creature. That’s what I do, I play with dolls and garden! And hang out with my dog and fiancé.”

Feel like branching out with your style? Katie is ready to make your custom piece today at Giddyup!