Entrepreneur Spotlight: Justin Biel of Baremade

BAREMADE is a local lifestyle brand catered to the adventurous spirit. Inspired by art, culture and travel, BARE produces innovative, timeless products. Their travel accessories are constructed with the highest regard for function and style. Co-founder, Justin Biel, gave us some background on the company, as well as his personal thoughts about being an entrepreneur.  

Denver Style Magazine: What interested you in owning your own business, and what do you consider the most important characteristics to being an entrepreneur?

Justin Biel: “Operating your own business provides the freedom to do the things you believe are possible to achieve and valuable to share with the world. It’s a huge leap of faith alongside uncertainty and risk, however, if you can believe in yourself through the challenges, satisfaction and personal growth you’ll gain will be immense. To be your own boss you need creativity, faith in your ideas, determination and a strong drink every once in awhile.”   

DSM: How does your business stand out in a crowd?

JB: “BARE merges art, culture and travel in a unique way, unlike any other brand I’ve seen. Our products tell stories, and we try to connect with our customers and the world through powerful imagery, writing and art in all that we create. The beautiful travel related products BARE develops are the physical manifestation of our passions not simply a product to generate revenue.”

DSM: What is your most memorable business experience?

JB: “Within our first two years we hit a major financial roadblock, and the business was weeks from closing down. We ultimately found a partner who came in to support further expansion in literally the nick of time to help take our company to the next level. When the deal was complete, my partners and I were sitting there totally shocked, relieved and overcome with emotions. It’s these moments of complete faith when things have come down to the wire that you’ll realize that anything is truly possible.”

DSM: What is your favorite item in the store, and why?

JB: “The Park Portfolio Pack is my favorite item from our AW15 Wool Collection. It’s a beautifully constructed, mobile office with versatility and style that is unlike anything on the market.”

DSM: Whom do you aspire to be like?

JB: “We should all aspire to be the best version ourselves due to the unique, individual nature that makes each one of us unlike anybody else. I do however have many people that I look up to and learn from.  Most are visionary leaders, risk takers and people who regularly do what others deem impossible - Richard Branson, Paul Bunditz and Elon Musk to name a few.”

DSM: What do you like the most about the Denver fashion scene?

JB: “I like that’s it’s still evolving and developing every day. There is so much space for expansion and a huge opportunity for people looking to create a real impact in Denver as the market is less crowded and there are fewer barriers to entry.”

DSM: Who are you outside of your business?

JB: “An uncle, boyfriend, brother, son, amateur pool player, snowboarder, tequila aficionado, writer and world traveller.”


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