Entrepreneur Spotlight: Hailee Satterfield & Grace Buttorff

From college roommates, to best friends, to business partners, this dynamic duo built their vision from the ground up. Hailee Satterfield and Grace Buttorff started off as college roommates at the University of Colorado Boulder. After joining forces post-grad, Hailee Grace has become quite the success in Denver’s Larimer Square. Aspiring to help build Denver’s downtown shopping scene, these two bold 26 year olds took the leap and created their ideal shopping destination. Just like that, in nine months they were open for business!

Denver Style Magazine: How would you describe the atmosphere and style of Hailee Grace?

Grace Buttorff: “We strive for quality at an attainable price point. We try to be fashion forward, branching out a little, but not too trendy. We want pieces that you can wear season over season in different ways to make them adapt to the trends that are going on.”

Hailee Satterfield: “We try to keep it pretty simple with a lot of our silhouettes. Grace’s 18 year old sister can shop here, but both of our grandmothers have been in here shopping as well.” 

A standout feature upheld by Hailee Grace is their ability to understand and connect with their target market. Being young, working women gives them the upper hand on exactly what their customers need. Not only do they have insight on style, but also on how to make clothing affordable and efficient. Their goal is to cater to the “single lady budget.” Many pieces they carry are geared to be versatile. They understand that while shopping on a budget it becomes difficult to decide what setting to purchase clothing for (casual, work, a night on the town). With a little help from Hailee and Grace, your struggle between day vs. night shopping can be settled.

GB: “We do a lot of day-to-night. You can wear it to work, take a layer off, put on your heels, and go out with your girlfriends in the same top you wore to work tucked into your pencil skirt.” 


DSM: What makes Hailee Grace unique?

HS: “Definitely our price point and what we have in the store.” 

GB: “We really dig for stuff. When we’re in LA, we go to so many lines that sometimes we only get one thing. We usually only buy something once, so once its gone its gone. We also bring new clothing in every day.” 

HS: “People will come in, and two days later say that it looks like a completely different store.” 

With a low price-point, carefully selected merchandise and a friendly atmosphere, what more could you ask for in a shopping experience? These ladies go above and beyond, making sure that you always have options. In addition to the care they take in selecting merchandise, they also value customer relationships. They both express their love for shopping and styling the women that pass through. Sometimes feeling like they know just as much about their customer’s lives as their own friends. Creating genuine customer relationships establishes a trusting base for a business; something that has come natural for Hailee and Grace. Treating customers how they would like to be treated fuels the relationships they create. Realizing that if an item doesn’t fit, or is easily damaged, nobody should be at fault. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they are determined to help or fix your product in anyway possible.

After plenty of hard work and determination, their efforts in the Denver fashion community have truly paid off. Being the first to earn the editor and reader’s choice "Top of the Town" award from 5280 magazine, was a beam of satisfaction for the girls. Being a Colorado native and big fan of this segment, Hailee was particularly ecstatic.

DSM: What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

GB: "I love that I’m picking the clothes. It’s a representation of me, and I am dressing these women who are getting excited and feeling good about the way they look. Making these women happy is a great feeling!” 

HS: “Grace is my best friend. To do something that doesn’t feel like a job is a luxury.”

Pay these talented girls a visit on your next trip to Larimer Square. Chat it up, bond over fashion and pay less for the perfect outfit! You can also shop on their website and follow them on Instagram (@haileegraceboutique) for style inspiration.