Entrepreneur Spotlight - Debra Mazur

Common Era – Debra Mazur Fashion is in a constant state of motion. In order to keep up, it’s all about trends, trends, trends. Is that really true, or is that just the distorted view portrayed by society? Debra Mazur, owner of Common Era, expresses her own fashion sense through her business, challenging and inspiring shoppers to do the same. Bold, confident, outgoing and inspiring; a truly rare gem. Track this woman down, and you will find your new fashion-spirit guide.



Do you stick to the trends for your inventory?

“No, no, no, absolutely not. This store is just what I love. Nothing comes in here unless I LOVE it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to wear it. But, I think that it’s brilliant. I think everyone should be wearing it.”


Debra understands the importance of timeless clothing. She works with a variety of age groups, making sure to bring in styles that anyone can feel comfortable in. For example, a teen or young adult may feel completely comfortable in ripped/distressed denim. Showing a little skin doesn’t cause much of a commotion if the consumer falls in the appropriate age group. Holding out her stylish, ripped denim jeans with patchwork underneath (covering up what would be exposed skin), Debra proudly proved that if modified, styles can be timeless. Knowing that she herself would not feel comfortable showing too much skin, she found a way to make it okay and comfortable, while still bringing out the same look. This goes along with the mission behind Common Era, bringing the styles that you’ve got to have, to anyone that wants them.


Just as fashion is ever changing, so is Debra’s style and taste. Beginning as a secondhand, vintage store, she learned the tricks of the trade (of course, her inventory was still fabulous!). Throughout this period of time, her understanding of the industry evolved. Along with her understanding, began the evolution of her inventory. She slowly began learning about trade shows and filtering new clothing into her stock. Debra strongly believes that real life experience is what develops your knowledge, and that her ongoing experience in this industry makes her a fashion student of life. Fashion came naturally to her, already stored within. The business aspect was the learning experience. Her passion for fashion is what motivated her to push through the struggle. Now, with a well-rounded set of skills under her fabulous vintage belt, she has plenty of knowledge to pass on to those with dreams reflecting her own.

What advice would you give to people out there with similar dreams?

“I would say to anyone who wants to do anything, is to first make sure that you love it so much, that you are willing to work 24/7 for it and not make money. You must love it so much, that you never grow tired of it, and it never drains you. That it empowers you and fuels you simply by doing it. You must love it that much.”


Debra explains the value of feeling penniless while shooting for your dreams. Not having a safety net to fall back on forces you to press on if you have the drive to pursue your dream. Not only is this a motivator, but assures that your motivation is directly connected to your passion, and not the yearning for financial security. “Tap into whatever it is that makes you feel alive.”

What do you strive to bring to the fashion community?

“The fashion community, I hope to increase by making people who are frightened of fashion, fall in love with it. I like to empower people with what fashion does to them. Changes happen when you present well. Your clothes are just there to make everything that’s in you more powerful, more standout. Its just a supporting cast, its never supposed to get in the way or overpower who you are. That’s why it’s so important to dress to your power.”

Debra maintains a friendly, approachable atmosphere at Common Era. As a stylist, she will help dress you head to toe. As a courteous, understanding woman, she keeps the perfect balance between respecting your fashion boundaries, and pushing you to empower yourself. If you feel yourself shining through your clothing, she has done her job. Through her teaching she hopes to reel more and more people to our Denver fashion community.

“The more people out there that get fashion, the more people that are going to join the party!”



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Photography by  Laura Noll at Prettyography