Entrepreneur Spotlight: Barry Davis of YellowBelly

Denver Style Magazine: Can you describe the experience and atmosphere of Yellowbelly? Barry Davis: “Yellowbelly Chicken is a fun, casual atmosphere that serves great food quickly. We do whatever we can to make our guests feel welcomed and accommodated. We’re always happy to answer questions, offer suggestions and maybe sneak you a taste of something we know you’ll love.”

DSM: What do you consider a standout quality of your business?

BD: “We pair taste indulgence with healthy nutrition. The quality and flavors of our menu really stand out from the traditional ‘Quick Service’ crowd.”

DSM: How does Yellowbelly complement the surroundings?

BD: “Fried chicken elevates any situation! At the store level, we get involved in our community and the causes that inspire us. Young athletes and their programs have been a great fit for us both in Boulder and in Vail.”

DSM: Where or who do you draw inspiration from?

BD: “Colorado is home to quite a few chains of restaurants that have ‘made it’ in our eyes. Chipotle, Modern Market and Larkburger are all great sources of inspiration. The founder of Tokyo Joe’s, Larry Leith, is that personified. He’s been an awesome resource, friend and inspiration to our team.”

DSM: Where would you like your business to be in 5 years?

BD: “In 5 years we see ourselves adding more restaurants in Denver. We believe Denver will be a good home to next phase of our growth and a place for Yellowbelly Chicken to become a regional group of restaurants.”

DSM: What is your favorite quote, and how does it apply to your business philosophy?

BD: “‘Let flavor be your guide,’ originally an offhand comment by co-founder Eric, this has become the root for many serious discussions and inside jokes as well. Our goal is delicious food that you feel good about enjoying and we try and keep that in mind at all times. It could be the healthiest thing in the world, but if it doesn’t taste good nobody is going to eat it.”

DSM: What is your most memorable business experience?

BD: “Cooking ‘staff meal’ for Chefs Nobu and Jose Andres  before a dinner event they hosted in Vail! It was a thrill for our whole team. Watching the two biggest names in the business absolutely devour some fried chicken was awesome.”


YellowBelly Chicken can be found in Boulder (2525 Arapahoe Ave. Unit E-1B) and Vail (2161 N. Frontage Rd. #14).

Instagram: @Yellowbellychicken