Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alissa Bush of Twirl

Alissa Bush has always had a knack for fashion. In her words – “It has always been in my blood.” Taking her love and positive energy with her all the way across the Atlantic, she studied at the Paris Fashion Institute. She also followed her passions to Los Angeles at the Make-Up Designery. After building a foundation to venture out into the fashion industry on, she made her dreams come to reality in Denver. Providing a mixture of boho chic and classic elegance, Twirl Boutique’s mission is to fill your closet with everything you’ve ever dreamed of. A quite accurate statement from her website reads – Have you ever had a dream about a closet so fabulous that you wanted to move in? At Twirl your dream can become a reality.”

DSM: What is something you can tell me about Twirl that I cannot find from your website?

AB: “We try to create a unique experience with shopping by offering styling sessions as well and closet make-overs. We are hoping to launch a membership program with personally styled boxes just for you, and ways to wear them. This will hopefully launch by the end of the year.”

DSM: How do you standout among other boutiques?

AB: “We have a very unique selection of clothing. From athleisure wear to cocktail dresses and very feminine looks to boho chic.”

 Alissa’s long-term goals for Twirl verify her determination to go above and beyond with her business. The services she hopes to offer in the future will give her the ability to connect with Denver’s fashion community in an exclusive manner. If you’re in the need of a stylist or your own personal closet makeover, this Twirl Girl may be the answer!

DSM: How did you come up with the name, Twirl?

AB: “I came up with the name in college. I had to create a store for my senior project and was thinking about the fact that everyone has a dream once about a closet so fabulous that all you wanted to do was stand in there and twirl.”

DSM: Tell me something about yourself, and your interests outside of your business?

AB: “I am an avid skier. I used to be on a ski team in middle and high school. I am a trained make-up artist. I went to the Make-up Designory in LA when I got back from school in Paris. I also make malas. Also I read a TON of business books. It is a hobby :)”

DSM: What kind of advice would you give to someone with dreams to start their own business?

AB: “It takes a LOT of work and a LOT of time. I started the business small while keeping my other jobs until I could make enough to make it a full time gig. You have to weigh the options of getting a loan and going in full force or doing it the way I did debt free. There are pros and cons to each. Also try things. If they don’t work lesson learned and move on the next.”

Do you think Alissa sounds as inspiring as we do? Stop by for a chat, and check out her dream come true at Twirl!