Embrace Your Inner Country Girl

As a Colorado-native, I pride myself in being a true "country girl". I grew up in Parker, had a couple acres of land as a backyard, played in the dirt, owned a pair of pink cowgirl boots, and had a true cowboy of a father to look up to. Being a Colorado cowgirl is a state of mind, a free spirit, daring, caring, sometimes swearing, giving her best, living her best. And for me, a common go-to when I am crossed with what to wear. I simply embrace my inner country girl with a sundress and my leather boots. "Country" is always in style when you live in Colorado. One of my friends calls it "cowgirl chic".

Native or not, any girl living in Colorado can pull off this local style with just a couple of staple items [and I am not referring to a white tank top with Daisy Duke denim shorts]. All you need is a killer leather belt with a large buckle, a legit pair of cowgirl boots, some silver and turquoise jewelry, and maybe a bolo tie if you want to get really serious. And for a more feminine look, you can skip the bootleg jeans and flannel. My favorite way to style "cowgirl chic" is by pairing a maxi skirt and a t-shirt with a belt and boots. Or simply a flowy sundress with the belt and boots. Easy peasy and Colorado proud.

 Whether you're taking a day trip up to the mountains, strolling around downtown, frolicking in a field, or stomping at the ol' Grizzly Rose, cowgirl chic will always work. What better way to represent this colorful state than by showing the soul of country living? And what other shoes can you get away with a little dirt than the perfect pair of cowgirl boots? Channel into Colorado's rooted style and embrace the cowgirl look. Yeehaw!