EiC Behind the Scenes: The Black Velveteen, Lucille


One of the coolest parts about Denver Style Magazine (if I can be bias for a moment), is that it's a place for collaboration. Prior to this shoot, I was the only one who had met most of the team for this shoot...and I hadn't even met all of them. When we decided to feature local bloggers, Lucille was at the top of my list. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, her style is impeccable and when she told me she often shops consignment...I sent her on her merry gorgeous way to research while I set up a shoot.

I booked one of my favorite local make-up artists, Brina and her glam squad, we put out a call for photographers and were so excited to receive a response from, Highway4Photography, Photographer, Cheri.  She was up for the shoot and I sent her the address. None of us really knew what to expect, and we made magic.

Lucille pulled incredible pieces from Birds-n-Belles Boutique, Brina and Jaquan glammed up Lucille, and Cheri had truly brilliant ideas of how to shoot Lucille, making my job extremely EASY!!  This team worked seamlessly together and I love looking through the final spread...that you'll see really really soon...

And a humongous thank you to: Lucille, for being incredibly beautiful inside and out, Cheri, for your true artistic talent and being so easy to work with, and of course Brina and Jaquan for your style talents. You truly made Lucille shine.

❤, XoHo

Here's a peek of what happened behind the scenes...