EIC Behind the Scenes: Denver's Mobile Boutiques


Awwww, Denver's mobile boutiques. I have a special place in my heart for these on-the-move entrepreneurs. They all embody the true spirit of the Denver fashion community. Rather than seeing each other as competition, they've come together to collaborate on events and do weekly mobile pop-up shopping. They support each other and are constantly open to new ideas.

It was special for me to be on this shoot and even more special to see this spread come together. My vision was to open a magazine and see all of the trucks in front of you, and Ashley Kidder made that happen. I'm so excited for you to view the digital issue that'll be available in just a few...

Thank you Ashley for your photography skills, Lindsey, Des & Adrian, Tara, Sara, and Brandee for being incredible human beings that continue to inspire.

❤, XoHo