Editor Wears: Imprints by Whorl

So you want proof?

That Denver has wearable-affordable fashion that's available to everyone?

|| Written by Heather Okimoto||

|| Photography by Kelsey Bigelow ||

 Here it is.

Sure, Megan Timlin, Owner of Whorl Shop, is my client. And yes, we've formed a great entrepreneurial supportive friendship, but she's also brilliant beyond her years. This young mid-twenty-something year-old woman is a strong business owner. She's seen the depths of down, and has picked herself to create an exquisite boutique that provides a haven to those in search of more structured simple pieces.

In 2015, Megan set out to expand her offerings by designing and producing a line that was all her own. The structure that her clients sought out, with well designed details, using quality products, and providing these pieces at an affordable price point. Megan Timlin and her team prove that this is not impossible and is a pioneer of local ready-to-wear production. Enter, Imprints.


Megan's beautifully designed Private Label line, Imprints, is the blossoming of a flourishing line with many more seasons of blooms.

Each meticulously designed piece in the Imprints Fall collection was headed by Megan and her talented boyfriend, Phil. Together they created classic pieces that are tasteful for feminine figures young and old with thought out details that allow you to make slight alterations for your own personalized piece. Multiple production fittings with models of various sizes and figures allowed them to make structural changes to pieces to create universal fits amongst a full size run of small to x-large.

editorwears_imprintsbywhorl008              editorwears_imprintsbywhorl007

And every piece is under $200. Including this classic 3/4 sleeve shift dress in a durable mid-weight stretch cotton. This piece specifically is one of my favorites. The length is modest and can be worn with heels, booties, and tall boots. The silhouette is flattering and forgiving without hugging, and the arms holes and length are a comfortable fit. This dress is the flawless solution to fall and winter. In early fall, it's warm enough to keep you comfy in the mornings, and cool enough to look 'stylishly fall-ish' without being chunky and over bearing. This dress is also the perfect layering piece and can easily house thick flannel leggings to keep your tushie warm. Don't worry friends, cold is right around the corner.

The first collection of Imprints by Whorl was presented last Thursday under moon-lit runway at the Inn at Cherry Creek. The show featured collections from Stephanie O. Designs, Haus, Whorl, and finished with a magical finale from Imprints. Each dazzling piece made it's way around the runway and are ready to be in your closets at Whorl Shop. Check back next week for a full review of the show from Sam and photos from our skilled photog, Brandon!

Did I mention that she's working with a local fashion and design production program at RMCAD to produce items providing jobs in the fashion industry, right in our own city? I know, incredible. Megan's vision is beyond fabric and clothes. It's a million times bigger than her small stature and I'm so lucky to have a front row set to her elegant brilliance.

Find out more about the Imprints Line here and read about Megan's journey on her blog. And definitely stop into Whorl Shop at 3326 Tejon St. Denver, CO to get your paws on this thoughtful line designed for women.

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