Editor Wear's: Bike to Work Day

Written by Heather Okimoto|| Photography by Kelsey Bigelow || 

Are you ready to roll? Tuesday, June 24th is Bike to Work day and you don't have to trade in your summer heels for spikes to stay stylish.

Follow these easy three-tips to your fashionable ride to work.



1. Safety First:

Wear a styled helmet...of course. Remember that flower crown you got from that store opening or spring festival? Secure it to your helmet with floral wire.


2. Double Duty:

stash your heels in your water bottle cage! I'm getting better at 'sensible shoes', but still enjoy keeping a cute pair of delicate open-toe ankle wrap heels nearby. If you don't have a basket, the water cage is the perfect place to hold your heels. Use a long piece of velcro to secure and hold in.


3. Dress Smart:

wearing summer dresses is super comfortable, but the right gust of wind can give everyone around you a quick 'Britney' show. Do what your mom told you and wear some bike shorts under your skirt or dress to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Here's some other great resources: Safe Riding Tips | New Riders

The most important thing...Breakfast Stations

Stay stylish and see you on the trails,