Eat, What, Wear: Cozy Sweaters and Comforting Soups

Eat, What, Wear

Cozy Sweaters and Comforting Soups

||Authored and Photographed by: Chelsea Nattiel Sherman | @nattiel | ||


The snow has finally hit Denver and now the only thing I can think about is diving into a big bowl of hot soup! Whenever the cold weather arrives, I like to bundle up and adventure out to find the most comforting foods. Over the last year, I have been on a mission to find bowls of mushy goodness for those months when I feel like hibernating and I am excited to share my go-to Denver spots!. Luckily this season has also provided more exciting options for sweaters! As a somewhat busty gal, I find most sweaters pretty unattractive on myself. The plain necklines and boxy shapes don't do much for me. However, this year sweaters have become remarkably more inventive and fun! With off-the-shoulder necklines, cutouts, asymmetrical hems, sassy slits, and dramatic silhouettes, there is a sweater for everyone. I am sharing a few of my favorites from local boutiques, Shea and Melrose and Madison, so you too can snuggle in with your cozy threads and toasty soups.

tanlaceupThis lace up number looks great alone or with a lacy piece of lingerie underneath | Melrose and Madison $330 || Pearl Choker| Hare and Hawkeye
creamlongcreamstandingThe fun slit sweater can be worn like a sexy dress or a more casual look over denim || Shea $88
fauxfurNavy Turtleneck and Faux Fur Bomber for the ultimate cozy situation || Melrose and Madison $385 (sweater) $228 (jacket) || Hand Chain Hare and Hawkeye $60
greyAsymmetrical Cropped Sweater | Shea $70 || Coral Necklace | Hare and Hawkeye $50.00
leopardLusciously Soft Pink Turtleneck and Leopard Wrap Sweater | Melrose and Madison $330 and $330 || Pearl Necklace Hare and Hawkeye $100
olivegreenOlive Green Sweater with Buttons Down Back | Shea $78 || Blue Leather Choker | Hare and Hawkeye $50
stripesClassic and Cuddly Striped Turtleneck || Melrose and Madison $154

My latest and greatest discovery in the comfort food game is Dae Gee BBQ. They have three locations in Denver, one on South Broadway, one on Sheridan Blvd., and one on Colorado Blvd. I am a vegetarian and never would have considered a BBQ joint as a place I should check out, but they have a large selection of Korean rice dishes and soups that are meatless and incredibly satisfying.


Soju and Beer, a traditional pre-meal Korean favorite. Soju is a rice liquor that is warming and smooth, similar to sake but always cold. When it's combined with the beer, it is given a hard stir and then you chug it. I could get used to this as a way to start a meal! Dae Gee also has a beer flight that gives the full range of flavors from light ale to IPA and Brown Ale. If you finish the whole flight before your meal, you might fall in to your bowl of soup. I would recommend savoring your beverages throughout the meal.



Appetizers at Dae Gee, comes with all the entrees and includes, pickles, potato salad, broccoli, kimchi, fish cakes, seaweed, pickled radish, and kimchi pancakes. I could eat just these and be so happy.


Gook, a Korean tradition, most moms will have their own version of this soup and the flavors are akin to our chicken noodle soup, but this one is much more flavorful and delicious. It is made with beef broth, egg, chicken dumplings, and vegetables. Pictured above is their Bee Bim Bhop with veggies and egg and their spicy stew with tofu. Dae Gee is the ultimate place to go for a warming bowl of comfort food. They have rice dishes, fish stew, dumpling soup, and so much more. We were greeted with incredible hospitality and left with extremely satisfied bellies.

Best Spots To Grab A Hot Bowl

Dae Gee Barbecue: A Korean BBQ Restaurant that also serves amazing noodle and rice dishes with tradition and care.

  • I recommend: Bhee Bhim Bhop (vegetarian)- crispy rice dish with egg, veggies, and seaweed

                           Soon Dobu Cheegae: A hot and spicy stew with veggies and tofu and meat or seafood can be added

                           Gook: Dumpling Soup similar to chicken noodle (perfect if you are feeling sick)

Onefold: One of my favorite restaurant in all of Denver. Their brunch is incredible and the atmosphere is super snuggly.

  • I recommend: The Congee, a savory rice porridge made with ginger, soy sauce, and crispy duck. There Facebook page says they will also be adding a vegan version as well!

Domo: If you haven't been to Domo yet, you should. It is a Denver staple with Japanese country food and a stunning garden in the back. The inside is cozy and intimate on those snowy days.

  • I recommend: Ramen and Hot Tea. Their bowls are gigantic and they encourage you to eat it there for the ultimate freshness and flavor. The ramen is not available to-go and that's precisely why I like it.

Pho 95: Located on Federal where most of the delicious and affordable food is, offering Vietnamese specialties.

  • I recommend: Pho...duh! But of course the vegetarian one, it feels super light and healthy, yet satisfying. Their Vietnamese Coffee is super yummy too.

El Chingon: A fine dining Mexican restaurant in the adorable Tennyson neighborhood. Great place for a wintery date night

  • I recommend: The Chipotle Crab Soup (this may be seasonal) is spicy and creamy and delicious. Definitely creates a nice fire in your belly.

Bar Max: One of my absolute favorite establishments in Denver. It has an atmosphere that is clean and European and an amazing wine menu with well- curated food items.

  • I recommend: The Organic Tomato Soup is thick and rich and captures the perfect essence of tomato that we left behind in the summer.

City O' City: A vegetarian and vegan temple in Capitol Hill with inventive dishes that keep my meat eating friends returning with me.

  • I recommend: The Kimchi Stew might smell like a trash can but it takes amazing. It's spicy and tangy and full of probiotics. It will help you cure your cold from the inside out.

I would love to hear where you go for cozy bowls of soup and what your favorite sweaters are. Matching my clothes to my food sounds weird but it somehow makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Stay warm out there and Happy Thanksgiving!

|| Model: Regina Stransky | @ginamms ||

|| Shea: @shopshea | ||

|| Melrose and Madison: @melroseandmadison | ||

|| Hare and Hawkeye Jewelry: @hareandhawkeye | ||