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Dynamic Duos: Hailee Grace Boutique 

Written by Lacey Spruce || Photos by Life Unstill | H. Wilson Photography

This week’s dynamic duo, Hailee and Grace of Hailee Grace Boutique, are living every 26-year-old fashionista’s dream. Not only are they incredibly fashionable, but they’re also best friends who are taking the Denver fashion scene by storm. They may be young, but their business and fashion sense prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a dynamic duo! Check out our interview below to learn what fashion trends they’re excited about for spring, how Hailee Grace Boutique provides a personalized shopping experience, and what is the best part about being a business owner.

Tell me a little bit about your partnership. What do you think makes you a "dynamic duo"?

We were roommates in college all throughout undergrad at CU Boulder, so we've definitely known each other long enough to know each others’ strengths. We are lucky enough to be best friends and own a business together. I think our unique styles together make the perfect combination for our success in Hailee Grace. Our history together gives a strong relationship both personally and in business. We let each other take chances when someone feels strongly about it, and it usually pays off.

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How would each of you describe your personal style?

Hailee: I would say that I like lots of neutrals. I like classic pieces that you can wear multiple ways. My go to is a white tee, dark skinny jeans and booties. I wear a lot of flare skirts with sweaters. It's definitely more LA compared to Grace's.

Grace: I think I have more of a New York style being from the east coast. I would say black is definitely a staple in my closet, but with that I like to layer. I love a good jacket, if its a draped leather, my new favorite thin olive trench coat, or a brightly colored moto jacket to add some color. I wear a lot of blouses and skinny jeans or shift dresses and booties.

What does expressing personal style mean to you?

I think personal style is ever evolving; I think it reflects who you are as a person, but as you grow your style tends to change with it. It can reflect your mood and I think you can constantly reinvent yourself with what you’re wearing.


How does Hailee Grace Boutique help others express their personality and their personal style?

We help people pair basics with our more fashion-forward pieces to help them develop their own personal style. Hailee and I hand pick everything in the store so often times we can suggest pieces they wouldn't normally pick out for themselves. Often times they come in looking for suggestions from one of us to complete their look.

If you could only keep one item of clothing in your closet currently, what would you choose and why?

We both say our leather jacket.

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What is your favorite part about being a business owner?

We like that we get to pick out our own merchandise that reflects our style. We believe in our product, and the way it makes women look. We love being able to dress women and make them feel great about the way the look when they leave the store because of items we've picked out. Also, there aren't many 26-year-olds with their own boutique, which gives us an advantage in our market because we are what we sell.

What's the best part about being a part of the fashion scene in Denver?

I think the best part is that there aren't that many boutiques in Denver, and people love the personal shopping we bring to our customers. We have a fashion-forward fun style which lets us stand out in a way that makes our customers keep looking for more from us. We also love contributing to the growing fashion scene that I think a lot of people in Denver are craving.

How do you choose which designers you carry in the store?

We have our go to brands that have done well in the store that Hailee and I both love, but every buying trip we are always looking for new brands that will complement the store. We also only buy what we like--sometimes we are only buying select pieces from the collections. The collections fluctuate with what works for us in the store so we don't always have every brand if we don't like what we see. We think thats why people love the store so much because we are evolving with the fashion industry.

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What trends are you most excited about for spring?

We love the haute hippie look for spring and summer, along with the floral and geometric prints. There are also a lot of layering pieces going into spring, the blanket coat and poncho is adapting to the warmer weather with lighter fabrics and colors and bolder prints.

Who or what inspires your personal style?

We love Olivia Palermo. She mixes new trends with the classic pieces to edit her look.


If you could choose any decade of style to come back into fashion, what would it be?

We love right now. I think the style we have going on right now is a mix of the best parts of the last decades. We have fringe and the haute hippie style from the 70's, we have the shift dress and geometric prints 60's, the high waisted shorts and pants from the 80's and distressed jeans from the 90's.


What inspired you to open Hailee Grace Boutique?

Grace: I'm from Boston, and we have a lot of boutiques there that I grew up going to. Denver is still developing its boutique scene so Hailee and I saw a good opportunity to bring fashion to Denver in a way that hadn't been done before.

Hailee: After moving back from working in the fashion industry in LA, I realized I wanted to stay in fashion but here in Denver. We saw a need for another contemporary women's boutique so we decided to go for the dream. We have been stealing each other's clothes since the day we met so it's not much different (ha ha).


Visit Hailee Grace Boutique online, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram @haileegraceboutique so you are the first to hear about new styles and new trends at this fab Denver boutique. Stop in the store and say hi to these two fabulous ladies. Stay tuned for our next Dynamic Duo, AOB Med Spa, next week!

Lacey Spruce is the creator of personal style blog My Boring Closet and a Denver Style Magazine contributor.