diy: Trendy Placemat Clutch

Anyone else love making as much as they can in the comfort of there own home? I DO!! I love making anything and everything, its awesome to be able to create something from start to finish. DIY's are so much fun whether it be something for the house, clothing, jewelry, accessories, gifts; you name it they are all fun. Lately, I have seen many fashion pieces that are affordable to make and look just as good as something purchased at a store.

This week I decided to re-create the Trendy Clutch that has been floating all over the internet! I have seen some really fun BOLD clutches, but you will pay a pretty penny.  I decided to go out and buy all of the supplies to make my own clutch and experiment with colors and designs, and over all I would say I am impressed with how easy and inexpensive this clutch turned out. . I created this one with warm colors and have another one I am creating with cool colors. For photo purposes, I have photographed the clutch with Warm colors for this DIY. I am so picky with how my fringe and trims matched up that it took me some time to decide how I wanted my fabrics to line up on my clutch. You can use any colors and any size, or shape trim on your clutch this is just how I set mine up and how I liked the layout of the trimmings.

So lets begin...

Fold in the sides of the placemat and clip down with clips

Squeeze a good amount of hot glue to be sure the sides stay down-this creates the sides of the bag

Press down the glued area until secure (then repeat the hot gluing on the other side)

When both sides are glued down, fold up the bottom of the placemat as shown.

Clip down the folded flap then add glue underneath as shown. Do this on both sides

Place the clips over the glued area to allow it to dry securely

Glue your magnetic snaps in place.

Now, place two little clips in the top corners, and place a tiny bit of hot glue in those folds and then place the clips there to allow the glue to dry. This keeps those folded corners neatly in place and makes for a more professional look.

Now for the fun part! Play around with fun fringes and trimmings to dress up your clutch. I used a pretty fringe underneath the top flap and then added from the bottom to the top,  hot glueing the other fringes on top.

I hope you have enjoyed this picture, step-by-step diy! I would love to see yours and what trimming you decided to use.