Curves in Colorado: Rocking trends on a fuller figure.

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AUTHORED BY: Cayla Jean of featuring Ashley of The Kim Review


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One of my least favorite things to hear from curvy women is “I love that, but I could never wear it” because if you love something, you should absolutely wear it!  I all too often see plus size women passing on trying new styles because they don’t think that it’s “flattering” for their body type.  This couldn’t be less true and you aren’t limited to the styles that make you look smaller.  Some of my favorite pieces that I own are ones that bigger women are told to stay away from, like this pink fluffy vest for example!  I picked it up at the Uniqlo store at the 16th St Mall in downtown Denver.  I couldn’t imagine limiting myself when there is so much fun fashion out there!  When I decided on the topic of this post, I knew I had to call on fellow Denver blogger Ashley of The Kim Review to help me show simple and stylish ways to incorporate trendy styles on different sizes! – Cayla Jean


I only recently (about a year ago) started to shop at Denver boutiques, but it has always been a challenge for me as many Denver boutiques carry clothing that doesn’t fit me! However, I have been able to find some staple pieces at boutiques like this to-die-for top from Pink’s! When I first started seeing this trend, I honestly didn’t know how I felt about it. I never thought it would look good on me, and I admired from afar as I saw other ladies completely rocking it! And then I found this top, and it was love at first sight. It fits perfectly and makes me feel so confident! I’ve worn it out for date night and for a night out dancing with friends – and it did not disappoint for either occasion. I love styling it with jeans or tucked into a skater skirt! The best part is that I always receive tons of compliments on it! I already can’t wait to wear this top again! – Ashley Kim