Contributor Series: Colby Marks of Cloth and Man

|| Photography by Brien Excell Hollowell  (@brienhollowell) ||

Style is a verb. Such is the life of Matt Reyer and Chris Domenick of clothing label Black/Tuesday. So we stirred Denver’s newest look for urban style into the street art stadium that is the city’s RiNo district as it happened live.

ClothandMan1 Part music promoters, part lifestyle bloggers, part clothing entrepreneurs, it’s taken Matt and Chris years of wearing many hats to generate a new line of high quality apparel basics unlike anything Denver has produced. Those beginnings shape the essence of the brand. The result is a transcontinental flight between UK garage house DJ sets and Los Angeles streetwear hangouts with a small carry-on of basic layering pieces dripping with a modern edge that isn’t quite dry yet.


“A lot of what we like to wear wasn’t here,” Matt and Chris said. The pair realized their own fashion vision through the community they created with the DJ/house music promotion group The Hundred (

“The pride in starting something fresh in the music community carried over instantly into Black/Tuesday.”

It shows in the attention given towards the subtle detail in crafting a monochromatic palette with its own original color of cut and fit.


The longline henleys and tees of Black/Tuesday stand out against similar looks like that of Zanerobe with a more graceful slim fit and tasteful details like a slightly longer rear drop that isn’t overdone. All the while the simplicity of its aesthetic makes it more usable in the real world than heavily distressed counterpart labels like Drifter. The coup de grace is the jackets. This satin bomber encapsulates a prevalent current trend with individuality that needs no reception room nametag. Subtleties like the gentle dropped shoulder cut and longline fit create a balanced shape while still being progressive.


Once a mere overnight tour stop-over, Denver is now ready to nurture trends once reserved only for the metropolitan coasts. The Colorado crush street art exhibition this past September hosted top spray can brandishers from around the country. Now more than ever Denver designers are crafting our own looks from blank slates and emerging on a national scale. Follow @clothandman and @denverstylemagazine on instagram to stay up to date.


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