Contributor Series: Colby Marks of Cloth and Man

|| Photography by Brien Excell Hollowell (@jesuspistols) ||

I was born here, I grew up here and I love living here. These days Denver is evolving seemingly by the day into a world far from what I used to know. For my first contribution to Denver Style Magazine, I took a trip to the local shop around the corner to rediscover my own hometown.

Five blocks from my house in the Baker neighborhood, is a shop called Steadbrook. It took siz months since moving in for me to stop by...that was seven months too long.

Nathan, Dustin, and Mackey have created a boutique that oozes the essence of a young entrepreneurial Denver-resident (like the inside part of an ice cream sandwich on a summer afternoon). Balancing between quality, functionality and fashion, every item is hand picked for the unique lifestyle that Denver creates.

Who would you trust the most to tell you how to look cool in your hometown? Retail buyers in a boardroom? Nope. I choose the three guys who committed their young careers towards starting their own shop deliberately dedicated to the neighborhood it sits in.

August evenings are hot and fun. They are the last bit of summer. Denver is all about finding a look that is equally as stylish cruising on a bicycle as it is wandering the trendiest streets in town. A crisp popover top like this Roy Tropic print from Carhartt Work in Progress, is a great way to change things up from the endless supply of button downs and T-shirts.


The basket weave texture and sleek black finish of these Thorocraft sneakers classes up the entire look from the endless sea of Vans and Converse, but balances the look towards urban-chic, not cape cod catamaran.


These slim black chinos-- also Carhartt WIP-- match the classic cabana vibe of the shirt better than (say) a black denim due to their minimalistic design, traditional trouser pockets and crisp cotton feel.


These retro, yet modern sunglasses are the final "X-factor" touch that injects the attitude every other piece seems to need.


Carharrt "Dickinson" Sunglasses, Grey. Hand made in Italy with Carl Zeiss lens, $348.00

Carhartt "Roy Tropic" popover shirt, $74.00 on sale

Carhartt Sid Pant, black $128.00

Thorocraft "Lowe" shoe, black $75.00 on sale

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- Colby J. Marks