Lashing Out at Clementine's


With no end to the serums, mascaras and treatments promising fuller, longer lashes, bigger lashes are definitely trending. Who doesn't want bigger lashes? You'll look more awake, it takes less time in the morning to get ready. Lash extensions and serums are incredibly popular but can be dangerous. They can be applied incorrectly and can cause an allergic reaction which can  irritate your eyes.  I decided to try a lash lift instead and headed to Clementine's Salon at the new Stanley Marketplace in Aurora to get it done.

Clementine's has another location in the Highlands but only does hair there. The new Stanley location is expanded and has a beautiful skin + wax space. The salon is also one of only two salons in the state to offer a YUMI lash lift. The YUMI lift requires intensive training before salons can purchase or use the product and is a higher price point than other products. YUMI comes from France with stricter laws and regulations on what's allowed in a lash product. These made me feel I was going to get a better and safer experience at Clementine's versus other salons.

I had never had anything done to my lashes before so I was both excited and a little nervous right before my appointment. When I walked in, I was happily greeted and given an iPad for check in. I filled out the standard esthetician form and sat down to wait. It couldn't have been more than two minutes before my lash specialist, Seabron, met me and showed me back. I was already impressed with the friendly service and short wait time. Once inside the room, Seabron asked if I had any questions or concerns about the process, then I laid down and she got to work.

The process for a lash lift is relatively simple and takes zero effort on your part. All you do is lie down for a little less than an hour while your lash lift specialist goes to work; it's so relaxing, some ladies even fall asleep. First, Seabron separated my lower lashes and sealed them off. She explained that you don't want your lower lashes to receive the treatments - they would curl into your eye which would both look weird and be uncomfortable. The pads were cool but not cold or uncomfortable.

Seabron then had me close my eyes and told me to get comfortable - they'd stay that way for the rest of the procedure. No wonder ladies fall asleep! She gently applied an adhesive to my eye lid, then came the silicone shield at my lash line. Honestly, you can hardly feel anything. At most, it feels like someone is petting your eye. It's a bit of a strange feeling but no pain or discomfort. Once the shield is in place, it's time for the three step process to curl and lift your lashes.

The first step smells a bit like getting a perm for your hair but Seabron assured me that even if a tiny bit leaked into my eye, it would cause no damage or pain. She leaves the solution on for 8 to 10 minutes depending on your lash type. Then it's time for step two which smells botanical and is left on for 6 minutes. Again, you can't feel anything. Getting the solutions applied is a strange feeling but wasn't bothersome. It's a gentle brushing, which is almost soothing. Step three is a lash tint, which Clementine's includes with every lash lift. Seabron customizes the color to best fit with your lashes. Everyone gets black but she mixes in blue-black until she has a good shade for you. After the tint, it's time to remove everything! Seabron gently wiped the adhesive from my eyelids and carefully peeled off the silicone shield. As someone who's removed fake eyelashes before, this was far easier and more comfortable.


Know Before You Go:

  • Come in with naked eyelashes - no mascara!
  • Eyelashes have to stay dry for 48 hours after the procedure for the chemicals to properly dry. Make sure you plan ahead!
  • Plan to be there about an hour, from start to finish.

The lash lift is instantaneous! I was floored when I saw my lashes. They honestly looked like fake lashes but were just as light as they'd be on a normal day without makeup. I was nervous my eyes would be sensitive to the procedure because I wear contacts and I tend to tear up at anything being done to my eye but it was a completely pain free process. I even kept my contacts on. The procedure is safe for nearly everyone. They advise against it for pregnant or nursing women but other than that, it can be done on any lash type. The lift lasts 8-12 weeks before needing to be done again; which is about three to four times longer than eyelash extensions.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance solution for fuller lashes, I'd definitely recommend a lash lift! I was especially pleased with Clementine's gentle, eye friendly, lift and will absolutely be back again.


  • Super simple
  • Painless
  • Instant results
  • Lasts longer than extensions
  • Good for practically anyone!


  • Not as dramatic as lash extensions
  • Still requires maintenance