Celebrate the Remarkable!


Denver has been beaming with style since the gold rush and we continue to shine. Bright. Like a diamond.

I've mentioned in my Editor's Letter's about having a front row seat. So let me explain what that really means.

Denver's great, but the people are what really make it shine. I have memories of my first experiences in Denver's local boutiques, because they were made memorable. Becky introduced me to local designers, invited me to their Fancy Tiger First Friday event and provided me with recommendations that excited me about 'my new city'...that I had never visited prior to moving. While putting the finishing touches on her boutique, Britni pulled dresses and accessories for me to try on at her week-long opened, Inspyre Boutique on 32nd and Tejon. The products were great and I wanted it all, but the service was memorable. The personal care was remarkable, and as I looked forward to frequenting my 'new finds'. I continued discovering flecks of boutiques sparsely sprinkled like glitter throughout the city and watched as new boutiques began to pop up next to new apartment buildings. But my obsession with shopping local was more than just finding great items, it was remarkable. When someone commented on my look or style, I was thrilled to tell them about the boutiques and share the website. And I wasn't the only one doing this.

While I passionately shared my boutique experiences, so were many others...because Denver is radiantly beaming with people that were worth remarking about. While other industries began to grow and Colorado's lure of a work-life balance began to draw people, so did the opportunity for the fashion, style, and beauty industry to grow. In big ways. The time for corporate leaders to pursue their boutique and fashion design dreams stared them in the face, and Denver provided the space to make it happen. But the sparkle came after discovering the rock.

Behind smartly designed products, behind the shiny floors of new boutiques and mobile trucks are the owners, staff, stylists, and community of bloggers, photographers,  supporting each other. Business owners supporting other entrepreneurs, businesses, and ideas...and providing a space to shine. Each person, idea, and shared strategy rubbed together allows businesses to shine in their own facet with authenticity...and the ability to watch the process happen in the front row has been mesmerizing. Denver's stylish growth is museum quality brilliance.

Denver Style Magazine's brilliance isn't meant for a box or museum, because it belongs to a community and we're still around because Denver has so many remarkable businesses, people, and ideas that still need to be shared.

Over the last year we've met businesses owners that have been makin' it happen for years, and new entrepreneurs with ideas. We've seen new stores open, and existing stores grow. We've been the home to first time contributors and have created possible opportunities. We've hosted events, meetups, launches, and put out over 5,000 images across our media streams...because we live in a remarkable city with people and ideas worth remarking about.

Denver Style Magazine is also a family. We're a team where every person matters and every voice is heard. I've had the pleasure of working with these interns over the last year that dedicated their ideas, talents, and time to a business, industry,  and community that they believe in and without them our growth would not have been possible.

Erin || Ariana || Sam || Brandy || Cailyn || Emily || Olivia || Brandon 

I also got super lucky. Most people that meet Kelsey and I think that we've known each other forever. We can finish each others sentences and when we're 'ON' we're 'ON'. And when we're 'OFF' we're more than definitely 'OFF'. We started working on this before knowing each other's birthdays and became Business Partners before #Besties. We've started wearing similar things even though our styles are completely different and I'm blessed to call her my friend. Kelsey doesn't just make things run, she makes my dreams and ideas come to life. When I start staring into space, she patiently waits for me to explode ideas and listens. And if you don't know by now...if you can't get a hold of me...always e-mail Kelsey.

So while I am eternally grateful for the people that make this day to day operation work, this First Birthday Bash is all about you, Denver. It's to celebrate those of you that have felt scared about your idea, or have one that you've been working on. It's to celebrate where you are in your journey...fashion related or not. Let's celebrate YOUR style and the people that help to make us the center of American style.

So helps us raise a glass at our First Birthday Bash...

Here's to many more years of Denver Style that is transformative, comfortable, jaw dropping, sleek, wearable, couture, fierce, iconic, stylish, and chic, and may you enjoy the fun journey that fashion takes you on.


Cheers, Heather