Boulder's Best: Willow a Boulder Boutique

Willow a Boulder Boutique

Kristen Clough|@sparklestyleshine



Head west from Denver for a quick pick me up when you visit Willow Boutique in Boulder. Willow is one of the stand out, fashion forward, small businesses that has developed over the past 3 years in Boulder. They are such a great place to visit and the women who run the store like pro's are delightful. We sat down with Andrea Resnick owner of Willow to ask a few questions.


Your boutique Willow brings together so many great established and emerging designers, how do you choose what you will feature each season for your buyers?

Our choices are based upon a few different criteria. We like to continue to buy from designers that our clients have responded to in the past. We also like to seek out new designers who may have a unique perspective with the clothing they design. We try to stay current with the trends, but always keep our clients in mind. It’s their lifestyles, tastes and desires merged with our passion for curating Willow with interesting pieces as well as basics, that makes Willow a great place to shop!

How did you decide on Boulder for the location of your boutique?

I went to college at CU and most recently, lived just outside of Boulder and felt that there was niche that had not been met there. Willow’s size and ample parking were key factors in choosing our location within Boulder.


Who and what influences the buying decisions for Willow?

Current trends, our taste and what we think will appeal to our clients.

What brands and items are you excited about for the upcoming Fall 16 season, of which you will have at Willow?

We have so many great new lines coming in for Fall that it’s hard to choose! Three that we’re really looking forward to are Cinq à Sept, Elie Tahari, and Christopher Fischer. Cinq à Sept is a new line that offers subtle sophistication in everyday pieces. The brand has a modern feminine aesthetic that embraces unexpected details and striking silhouettes. Elie Tahari is a time-tested brand that offers so much more than suiting. The beauty of his designs are in the intricate detailing and he has mastered the perfect fit. Christopher Fischer is centered around a sense of modernity, design and style. Updated essentials in the absolute softest cashmere will become instant “go-to” sweaters. 

willlow-hammit-1Any trends you are loving (or loathing) for the Fall?

This Fall we are loving bomber jackets, wide-leg pants, cold-shoulder tops and sweaters. 

What is the most rewarding experience you have had owning Willow thus far?

I get so much happiness when we can make someone who comes in look and feel great in their new item/s. A smile on our client’s face means that we have done our job right.


Willow has a wonderfully talented team of women who are very knowledgeable, how did you bring them together?

My team is the best. Audrey, who runs sales, has years of experience and an absolute talent for styling. Lucy runs operations, and could not be any better at what she does. I am so thrilled and proud to have them, Pam and Brianna represent Willow.


What are you looking forward to in the future for Willow?

We will be entering into our fourth year in the Fall. I look forward to continuing to please our current clients, and welcoming new clients each day.