Rebecca's Apothecary

I’m always looking for the best natural skin care products. Fortunately, here in Colorado, there are many local companies that manufacture beauty products with natural oils and ingredients, making it the best option for you because most pharmacy products (and even the most recognized brands) have ingredients that instead of nurturing the skin they damage it (even though their advertising campaigns say otherwise).

One day driving around Boulder I saw this store and immediately caught my attention, so I decided to go inside. I felt like I was walking into a spa, it is such a beautiful and peaceful place you’ll love it! Sometimes I think this wasn’t a good idea because after that I became obsessed with this brand lol.

Once you enter the store you can see the shelves are full of body and facial oils, creams, herbs…the smell is just amazing. There's a giant wall behind the counter with an unimaginable variety of herbal and tea blends you can buy.

There is a space for the little kids with toys and interesting things for them to play with; I dare to say that my little one loves this place more than I do lol.

They have a product line for moms and babies, a line for men, aromatherapy, tea blends, herbs, just to name a few.

If you're a fan of bath salts like me, this will be your paradise because there is a wide variety and you can buy only the amount you need or the pre-packaged product.

So far I've tried the face serum, lavender oil, body butter, pregnancy tea, chamomile lip balm, face scrub and bath salts, I just love them all, especially now during pregnancy where I have to be more careful when choosing how I will treat my skin.

I’ll never forget when Rebecca (the owner and founder of the Company) showed me the products for the first time; she told me they use only natural ingredients, and showing me the label for me to corroborate it she said: "LOVE is the only ingredient that does not appear on our labels”.

If you have the opportunity to visit the store, please do, it is a wonderful experience!