Blank Canvas: Accessorizing with Atomic Jellyfish

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AUTHORED BY: Aaron Rodriguez, Blank Canvas Fashion

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Gina Khrestova, Galerisa Photography

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Oscar De La Renta says you make an outfit your own with accessories and I couldn't agree more. Just like your style says who you are, the accessories you choose are an additional extension of your personality that says even more about you. If you read my last post, I mentioned how choosing to wear all black tells you about my taste for darker things and it also sends the message that it's a style that doesn't need to be 'fixed.' When it comes to accessories, I have specific things I look for:

1) Length- I love my chains long and I love having the potential of layering multiple necklaces.

2) Subtlety- Statement necklaces are always a great idea but I prefer my bling to not look so flashy. I recently stumbled upon a gorgeous agate ring but the fact that it was surrounded by a layer of shiny gold ultimately made me pass. Now if it was a layer of silver or a more opaque metal, I would have purchased it.

3) Natural Material- I love jewelry that looks organic. Wood, found metal, vintage keys, and like materials are things I love sporting on necklaces. If I look in my drawer, I have one necklace with a pendant made out of concrete, one with a black saber tooth that feels ceramic, a black beaded bracelet reminiscent of prayer beads, and before I gave away my Giving Key necklace I would wear it almost daily.

Lucky for me, I ran into designer Terry Tomsha of Atomic Jellyfish and found something that matched all of the above.


This heartwood necklace captured my attention as soon as I saw it. It's big enough that it won't hide in my shirt, its subtle design allows it to pop without too much noise, and the aluminum ring and wood provide for a masculine edge. The nylon coated stained steel wire is 18" long but it can be cut to your desired length. In my case, I told Terry I wanted it to hang below my chest. And the clasps are hassle-free since they're magnetic.

Of course, accessories go on top of an outfit. For this round, I wanted to stay true to a more industrial color palette and wore a grey long shirt, faded black pants, my trusty Chelsea boots, and a black hat.


If you're looking for killer necklaces, Atomic Jellyfish is an awesome contender and remember Christmas is right around the corner if you're searching for gifts. Remember to follow me on Instagram @BlankCanvasFashion to see how I accessorize my own outfits as well as outfits for others.