Blackberry Maverick Joins the Denver scene

On Thursday August 20, we were honored to witness the grand opening of Blackberry Maverick’s commercial design studio. Upon arriving, we chatted with designer and co-host, Leslie Robertson. She shared how the magic began with her and her partner, Lexi Raney. The two were destined for friendship and greatness from their first introduction. As the friendship sparked, they found they could get lost in conversation, finish each other’s sentences and easily work together as a team. The event featured a selection of their current designs. The designers specialize in both RTW and custom pieces. To give you a feel for their style, the following is the mission they represent: We Take the Retro Woman to the Edge by merging the Classic Betty and the Unpredictable Fox.” We were impressed with their ability to mesh retro, vintage with an edgy flair. Guests had a blast trying on pieces, modeling for local photographers and sipping on blackberry cocktails.

Currently, Blackberry Maverick is available by appointment. Contact them through their website (link to), or try to catch them in person at their studio (located at 2785 Speer Blvd. Apartment Community). 

Instagram: @blackberrymaverick




Written by:  Sam Brewers