Big Boobs Rejoice: Swimwear for C-E cups is here

The last swimsuit I owned, and loved, and that actually fit me was when I was twelve.  That was many years ago -- I wish I was joking.  This is largely due to the fact that by age 14 I was a DD bra size, and the rest of my young bod quickly filled in to follow suit.  Not to say I wasn’t fit, but that does not come in one size.  I’m by no means large, but by no means small.  Parts of me are “small” or “straight” and other parts of me are “curvier”.  You know, because I’m a woman.  

Growing up, I was always ashamed and embarrassed by my large, stretch marked, big ol’ boobies.  It was never that big of a problem with everyday clothing because I was tall so they ‘fit’ my body, and I learned how to hide them.  However, when it came to swimsuits, I remember just feeling so uncomfortable.  None of the skinny, flat chested, cool girl swimsuits ever fit me, which made me feel sad, undesirable, and dumpy. I remember when I first found out that one of my favorite brands rolled out the first d-cup sized swimsuit top, I was elated. Yet this swimsuit still came up short.  It fit, but my boobs were still flopping, falling, and flying all over the place… once again, I felt the wave of self-consciousness come over me.

Now that I’m a grown and confident woman, I reflect on those times and feel sadness for all women who have dealt and are dealing with this.

The fact that I was ashamed of how my body was made instead of how the swimsuit was made is the root of the problem. I created Stria Swim to eradicate that pain.  And because I want a woman to put on a swimsuit and feel as though both the swimsuit and her body are perfectly made.  

So if sizing and fit don’t make sense to you, and finding a well-fitting swimsuit makes you want to cry, you’re clearly not alone. Here are some fun sizing insights to further make your head spin:

  • There is no standardization in clothing. In jeans, lingerie, dresses, t-shirts -- none of it.  That means it is subjective, and completely up to the brand on how they size their clothes.  That being said, most people that identify as a size 6 in one brand, are a size 4, 6 or 8 in other brands.  Some brands play a dirty card called vanity sizing, which means that if you are a size 29 in jeans in all brands, you are magically a size 27 in this brand.  And then you’re like, “OH SNAP. I’M SKINNY AF, finally someone who recognizes!” And so, you keep buying their clothes, even if it’s poorly made and doesn’t actually fit you better than other brands.  
  • According to one company I have the measurements of Sofia Vergara. God bless. It’s not true though. Not even close. Their assumption is everyone wants big knockers, so they just decide you are a cup size or two bigger and a band size or two smaller, making it very confusing for the customer to find the right fit.
  • Another issue with many brands is that they don’t even have standardization within their own brand sizing.  It becomes an even larger issue for companies that produce all over the world. The result is often two of the exact same product in the same “size” that fit totally different. It’s a nuisance to the customer, and it’s very avoidable as a brand.  

We refuse to define our sizing this way.  We are proudly made here in the USA, and personally have met and know everyone in every step of our production line.  We have put a lot of effort into the fit of each piece.  In fact, each piece went through 15+ rounds of revisions before it was approved for production.  We’ve also put a lot of effort into helping you find the correct size, based on your body measurements.  It’s as straightforward and accurate as we can be with our sizing.  

We aim to have Stria fit like a dream, and we can’t wait for you to feel like your body and swimsuit are both perfectly made!