Better Beauty with Alchemy Face Bar

Bre Morris carries herself with a certain sweetness as we find a seat in front of a coffee shop on Tennyson. Her blush top with eyelet lace detail mirrors her demeanor, while her bold statement earrings highlight the strong business woman that she is. She is calm, cool and collected. She is warm and welcoming. She is everything that she wants Alchemy Face Bar to be for her clients.

Alchemy Face Bar, located on Tennyson in Denver and on Pearl Street in Boulder, redefines the typical spa experience.

Owner and entrepreneur, Morris wanted to create a place for women to go and feel empowered by their own natural beauty.

“Alchemy Face Bar is a communal beauty space where you come in and get quicker services and products at a more affordable price,” said Morris, “but are still able to indulge in a luxurious experience that every woman should have.”

Morris grew up in Frenchtown, Montana; a town that isn’t even big enough to have its own stoplight. Her mother owned a day spa in Missoula, and one day a makeup shop opened up next door called Skin Chic. Morris found herself spending more and more time at the store, mesmerized by the allure of all things beauty.

“I was in there so much that the owner finally just offered me a job,” said Morris. “It wasn’t too long until I found myself moving to the Highlands in Denver with my best friend at 19-years-old to open up a Skin Chic store of our own.”

But the Highlands eleven years ago was not as hip as it is today, according to Morris. Eventually, the store came to a close.

“After the store closed, we moved to Hollywood to study makeup,” said Morris.

While working with clients in California, Morris realized that she didn’t want to paint her canvasses with just any kind of product.

“When I was young, I had very bad skin,” said Morris. “My mother put me on every type of medication that the dermatologist recommended except for Accutane. It wasn’t until I was introduced to mineral makeup by the owner of Skin Chic that my skin instantly did a 180.”

With the idea in her head and the connections already made, Morris found her way back to Denver and started her own mineral based makeup line. From selling makeup door-to-door, Mary Kay style, to sharing a boutique space in Larimer Square, Morris and her best friend found themselves with a brand that would lead to the creation of two permanent Alchemy Face Bar locations.

Alchemy provides fast, effective, no nonsense services for all things face: makeup, skin, lash and brow.

“We use the purest ingredients in all of our products,” said Morris. “To consider a makeup line mineral based, it only has to contain 30% mineral. Our products are 100% mineral and are truly good for you.”

What are two makeup products Morris can’t live without? Foundation and under eye concealer.

But her clients aren’t the only things she likes to make beautiful. When you walk through the door at Alchemy, you are greeted by a bright and airy space that you want to call your own. Mixed metals and modern details catch your eye.

“I wanted my store to be like the scene in Alice and Wonderland where she comes across the candies that say ‘eat me’ and you can’t help but want to gather all the candies up for yourself and keep it your secret, “ said Morris. “I guess you could call Alchemy a secret beauty shack of sorts.”

But this beauty shack is barely a secret with its recent celebrity endorsement by ABCs The Bachelor winner and now Denver local, Lauren Bushnell.

“Lauren is so sweet and extremely down-to-earth,” said Morris. “We love seeing her and Ben come in for couple facials.”

Morris attributes all of Alchemy’s success to the family that is her employees.

“I always stress that it is not me, it is all of us,” said Morris. “We all created Alchemy, I cannot do this alone.”

From repeat customers to first time facials, Morris’ vision of a welcoming atmosphere has been achieved.

“I don’t want one person to walk through my door and feel intimidated or like they don’t belong,” said Morris. “The world is way too hard so we should be empowering each other.”