Lip Trends

Lips are an easy and quick way to transform your entire look or mood. Whether you are a nude or bright lipstick kind of girl, you need to prep your lips to make sure that they look their best.

Exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub to get rid of any flaking for a super smooth look. MAC $16.

Hydrate using a lip balm. Look for ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E that really nourish your lips. Cocovit $14.

Use a lip volumizer to help your lips look plump and full. SeneGence $50.

Don't forget to line your lips. This step will correct any asymmetry. Color Pop $5.

The matte lip trend is still definitely a thing for spring. You can never go wrong with a classic, old Hollywood red in either a warm or cool undertone. Try Lipsense in Blu Red with Matte Gloss. It is completely waterproof and smudge proof too which is an added bonus especially for a bold lip color! $20-$25.

This seasons current lip trends really have something for every one. Barely there to shocking statement lips and everything in between is totally on trend. Matte, glossy, or glittery, you choose.

Heard of the MLBB trend? It stands for "my lips but better." This is the easiest of the lip trends. It's kind of like no makeup makeup but for the lips. Try a tinted balm like Lip Glow in Coral from Dior $33. It's like a modern day mood lipstick that color adjusts to your lip tone giving you some seriously MLBB goodness. This is perfect for those that like to apply their makeup sans mirror or those that want to look like they're not wearing anything.

Nude, matte lips using an ombré technique is a great way to contour and highlight your lips for the ultimate in definition. Line your lips with a deeper shade of brown. Add that same shade on the outer corners of the mouth. Fill in the center of the lips with a lighter shade of brown. Lightly blend the colors into one another. Anastasia Lip Palette $48.

Metallic and glitter continue to be a strong trend. Apply Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Strip all over for a super pink glittery look. $18. If Barbie pink is a bit much for you, try Lipsense Sheer Berry Diamond Lipstick, topped with Diamond Kiss Gloss for a more neutral color with a glittery finish. $22-30.

For you lipgloss fans, you'll be happy to hear that gloss is back in a big way! Use a clear or sheer lip gloss on the lips. But don't stop there, another strong trend is to use a little gloss on your eyelids and cheekbones too for an ultra dewy,  monochromatic effect. Try Lipsense gloss in Orchid for a sheer pop of color. $20.

Have you heard of bitten lips? Basically it's the opposite of an ombré lip. Put a lightweight concealer around the outside of lip area and fade inward. Take a medium tone tinted lip balm in fill in the middle of the lips. Take your darkest color on the inner most area of the lips. This lip is only for the trendiest of makeup girls. YSL Touché Eclat .$42. YSL tinted balm in #12. $34. NARS lipstick in Bette. $34.

Bold lips in every shade of the rainbow continue to be a makeup junkie favorite. Everything from blue to black is seen in the color palettes of every major makeup brand. My favorite bold yet still very wearable color is a bright purple like Purple Reign from Lipsense. Really feeling bold? Try a combination lip. Put a little Party Pink Lipsense on your upper lip. Contrast with a little Purple Reign on the bottom. This lipstick formula is amazing because it is transfer resistant meaning the two colors will not mix together. $25 each.

"Give a girl the right lipstick and she can conquer the world."