Beauty Tips with Nicole Toledo: Eyeshadow and Eye Shape

Applying Eye Shadow According to One's Eye Shape
|| By Nicole Toledo, ||

Eyeshadow application continues to be a source of frustration for women. I consistently hear "I have no idea how to apply my eyeshadow." When applying eyeshadow, there is not a one size fits all approach. Everyone has differently shaped eyes and to bring them out to their fullest potential, eye shadows must be applied differently to enhance one's particular eye shape. If you are not a fan of the eye shape you were born with, you can use eyeshadow as a way to actually change your eye shape, at least temporarily.

Below are the most common eye shapes and the tips to enhance that particular eye shape.

Close Set Eyes
Close set eyes are closer than one eyes width. Focus on using lighter colors on the inner corner and darker shades on the outer corners. This will pull the eyes further apart, giving the illusion of a wider set eye.

Deep Set Eyes
Deep set eyes are characterized by having the eye set deeper into the eye socket. Typically, this eye has very little visible lid.  Do not use dark colors in the crease as this will cause the eyes to appear even further back. Instead choose a medium tone in or slightly above the crease.  Choose a lighter shade with shimmer to make the lid appear more visible. Add depth by using a darker shade in the outer corner.

Down turned Eyes
Just as the name suggests, this eye shape takes on a more down turned shape. To enhance this eye, it's all about giving the eye a lift. Keep the shape of the shadow more rounded (higher in the center of the eye) to give a lifted appearance. When applying eye liner don't follow the natural shape of the eye or it will give the eye a droopy look.  Instead, create a new shape by using your bottom eye line as a guide to give a perfectly angled cat eye for the ultimate lift.

Hooded Eye
This eye has no prominent crease or maybe you once had a crease but over time it is no longer prominent due to aging. For this eye, less is more. Focus on eye liner. Use a pencil to define the lash line and smudge it up a bit with a similarly colored eye shadow. Keep the rest of the eye subtle by using neutral eye shadows.

Protruding Eye
This eye shape is characterized by having prominent or bulging lids. Stay away from anything too light or shimmery on the lower lid as this will cause the eye to be more protruding. Instead, opt for medium to dark matte tones on the lid and blend up a bit.

Almond Eye
Oh the perfect almond eye... This eye is the holy grail for makeup artists. It has the perfect symmetry of lid and crease and is typically more lifted on the outer corner. Pretty much anything goes for this eye shape.

You can follow the rules to enhance what you have naturally or choose to be a rebel and change your eye shape on the daily by just applying your eye colors in a different way. Remember that makeup should be fun. Don't take it too seriously.